Watch How This Spoiled Little Calf Is Getting All The Love

Chisom Ndianefo
A Calf
Unsplash | Sean Nyatsine

It's true human nature to spoil our animals from time to time, whether with a treat, quality time together, or grooming them to look their best. A TikTok video of a farmer showing this cute little calf gives us all the feels.

Benny is one of the youngest cows on the farm, but he's so affectionate you'd wonder where he gets it from. Everyone loves this wholesome content, and you sure would too.

Keep reading for the details.

Benny Is Getting A Good Brush

This cute calf looks so lovely as he settles to receive a good brush from its human and TikTok user @hayleeandhercows. Benny looks so spoiled and is such a good boy who understands the necessity of grooming habits.

Haylee couldn't resist typing how spoiled Benny is in the caption and we have to agree with her because other videos of Benny on her page show just how she loves to be doted on and shown affection all the time.

Viewers Are In Love

Unsplash | Shoiel Barath

Viewers spread pure love for Benny in the comment section all wishing they could steal a moment or two with him.

@ani_winehouse commented, "cows are grass puppies, nobody can convince me otherwise." We honestly can't disagree because this is exactly how dogs act around their owner; guess it doesn't matter the species, every animal loves love.

Another user @ogspeshullk wrote "I want a baby cow, but, like, I want a BABY cow specifically. I want it to never turn into an adult cow. And then we can be best buds." Calves are so cute and we don't want Benny to ever grow up too, but that's not ours to decide.

Haylee replied to this user assuring her that adult cows are also very cute:

"Aww my adult cows are the same as Benny trust me, they’re all so cute and sweet. But I understand what you mean haha."

Cows Love A Good Scratch

Like other hairy animals and human, cows will rub their bodies against surfaces, trees, or fences to get a good scratch for that itch, remove parasites and stay clean, while some do it too much, destroying your farm fences and breaking radio transmission towers.

You can do your cow a favor by offering to brush for it and reach areas the animal itself can't reach, and it'll thank you just as Benny did in that video with the most adorable eyes.

Cows Are Very Social Animals

Cows don't like being alone; they love interacting with their fellow cows or farmers. So when you see that your cow is isolating itself, it may indicate sickness, early signs of a difficult pregnancy, or it's about to give birth to an adorable calf like Benny.