Watch A Small Cat's Tiny Roar In Viral Video

Chisom Ndianefo
A close up of shot of a ragdoll cat
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When you hear a cat roaring, the first thing that comes to mind is a big cat, such as a lion, leopard, tiger, or jaguar. However, this housecat from a viral TikTok video attempted to break the stereotype for its failed attempt at a roar.

Science proves that housecats can't roar due to their biological physiology, just like big cats don't purr. That doesn't stop either animal from attempting impressions of their family members.

Perhaps, the cat Merlin watched a "big cat documentary" or movie (The Lion King), which boosted its confidence.

Check out the faint roar below.

The Face And 'Roar' Don't Match

A roar is a deep, loud, growling sound made by big cats, but Merlin did a fine impression of imitating the action. The cat already became famous for its mean resting face, but this new video takes the cake!

Merlin's owner zoomed into its face while reminding their loyal followers that they've seen his "mean mug." It was time to explore a new part of the feline; they chose its roar. The faint sound is barely a loud purr, talking less of the menacing roar Merlin intended.

However, the look on its face conveyed the message.

Merlin Makes Millions Of People Happy

Merlin's tiny roar has now gone viral with over 1.3 million views but fewer supporters in the comments. About thirty percent of the viewers double-tapped to approve the video, while three percent camped in the comments.

They mentioned Merlin's adorable voice, with one commenter saying it doesn't match his menacing face. Another person called the cat "silently fierce," while many TikTokers said the faint sound only made them love the feline more.

Why Housecats Don't Roar

One of the commenters admitted his shock, saying the face threw him for a loop, and he expected a beastly roar. Another one qualified it as a sweet whisper.

The TikTok users shouldn't be too disappointed as housecats scientifically cannot roar. They lack the larynx and overall voice box to carry the deep timbre of such a growl. Luckily, they have adorable purrs and meows to themselves, while big cats can only be menacing.

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Cat wearing sunglasses.
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Merlin was a fan favorite on Halloween as he looked stern in a black and red cloak cosplaying Dracula. The video scored 11.8 million views in a month, with most people appreciating the humor in the situation.

Another impossible case is a cat being a vampire or the undead fictional creature eating garlic. The account handler captioned the video - "There's not enough Garlic in the world," Thus defying nature.

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