The Heartwarming Moment Lonely Dog Gets His Own Puppy

Chisom Ndianefo
Golden Retriever
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Like humans, dogs also crave companionship, especially when their humans are not around to play with them around the clock. To help Bear's loneliness, its owner brought him the best gift, and our hearts are melting at the thoughtfulness of Bear's human. We're sure Bear would love this new addition to the family.

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Bear Has A New Puppy!

Bear has a new puppy, and it's to our great delight! This new addition helps Bear get less bored around the house, and Bear looks so in love in this new TikTok video on @explore.with.bear

Bear's owner gives a sweet account of how getting him a puppy became necessary and even drove 10 hours to pick him up, and how adorable Bear treats his puppy Ludo "He (Ludo) let him (Bear) give him kisses to the point that his head was soaking wet."

We're so glad Bear now has a little sidekick to kick it with. Goodbye to days of loneliness and boredom. This means more stress for mom (but they're so cute, so it shouldn't matter much).

TikTokers Dropped The Sweetest Comments

The video which has now gained over a million views is drawing the nicest comments from viewers who have expressed their joy at the fact that Bear now has Ludo.

"Dogs getting dogs is my favorite niche on the internet," said @emilygrubbs0. Oh yes! we love to see it too!

Another user @MamaRaptor2013 had this to say

"My heart broke during the first half of this video. Then it burst into a million pieces out of pure joy for Bear finally having a forever best friend,"

A very observant viewer, @Jesshall502 had this to say

"The fact Bear doesn't close his eyes until Ludo is asleep." Well, Bear is playing that big brother role perfectly in just a few days.

Golden Retrievers Are Active Family Dogs

Retrievers are very active dogs and need about 40-60 minutes of exercise daily to keep them in perfect shape. Another reason why the decision to get Bear a puppy is an excellent one by the owner. Bear now has a playmate to run around it and keep fit every day.

They're also family dogs who need to be with their human pack daily, so you'll mostly find them indoors. If you're considering getting a Golden Retriever, make sure you have the space for it.

Golden Retrievers Mature Slowly

A Golden Retriever
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By default, the Golden matures more slowly than most breeds which means they retain the playful, silly traits of a puppy until four years of age, while many keep it till old age. Whichever category Bear falls in, we're sure Ludo is about to bring out his inner puppy for puppy fun.