Age is Just a Number: Couple Traveling the Globe Together

Chisom Ndianefo
Backview of a couple at the airport
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The dating scene is always interesting, with a diverse range of people linking up, so seeing 24-year-old Allana Luke with her older boyfriend, Jeff Winn, 56, isn't that much of a shocker. It's odd for traditional people, but relationships aren't meant to please outsiders.

The couple met in 2020 via the dating site Tinder as Luke searched for someone older because men her age were immature. They traveled the world after a few days of getting to know each other and became engaged earlier this year.

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Winn Played Hard To Get Too

Luke raised the age range to 25 - 60 and got several offers, including Winn. However, he didn't make it easy for her as he asked Luke to contact him instead of contacting her first. The chase made knowing him more interesting, and it off two years later.

They traveled to Spain and stayed in Winn's villa for two weeks after their first date in his house. Winn surprisingly treated her to a homecooked meal of venison stew with champagne.

Older Men Have More Maturity And Experience

With Winn, Luke doesn't experience the pettiness of a relationship with someone in their twenties like her. She's not the only one who thinks that way because it's just the name of the game, as older men typically have more experience and maturity.

Couple that with the financial security and stability that comes with dating an older man, and it's a done deal. According to Luke's Instagram, she's a happy camper with Winn.

Spreading Their Love All Around The World

It's been two years, and the couple is still jet-setting worldwide. They recently traveled to Spain again during the summer. She looked stunning in a printed blue Camilla one-piece swimwear with her blonde hair straightened, while Winn complemented her in a white shirt and printed shorts.

Allana flaunted her huge rock while her wrist was adorned with a Rolex wristwatch and a Cartier bracelet.

Winn's Children Adores Camilla

Given that they have been dating for two years and are still going strong, there is little doubt that the couple enjoys each other's company greatly. If you're wondering what Winn's family thinks about the 30 years of age difference between the two, you might be surprised to learn that Winn's two kids, Nina and Josh, are supportive of the union and adore their upcoming stepmother.