Jessie James Decker Wows In Short Shorts From A Bathroom

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Jessie James Decker
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Jessie James Decker is stunning fans as she shows off two looks from a bathroom while rocking a pair of short shorts. The 34-year-old country singer and clothing designer delighted her Instagram followers this week, posting selfie action and going for a video finish as she continues to make headlines for her music, Kittenish clothing line, and 2022 Dancing with the Stars attempt. Jessie posted for her 4.2 million followers on Thursday, telling fans that she was going from "cozy mom vibes to..." Fans have left over 7,000 likes.

Showing Off In Short Shorts

Jessie James Decker
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Jessie's video showed her grinning in front of a bathroom mirror.

The 2022 Miami Swim Week face first showed off a bundled-up winter look as she modeled baggy jeans, plus a dark hoodie in maroon. Here, the mom of three went matching as she added in a maroon beanie while also wearing her blonde locks down. It was a quick change into a stage look, though, as Jessie reappeared in a skintight and high-waisted pair of black leather shorts.

Flaunting her gym-honed legs and tiny waist, Jessie also wore a matching black crop top with hanging silver tassels. All country and edgy energy, the Just Feed Me author here sported a ponytail, plus a bronzer-heavy face of makeup complete with lipsticks. She swung her hips from side to side while also pouting for the camera. "Okuuuuur," one fan replied, eyeing up the style and hot body.

Not Always Smiling

Earlier this year, Decker made headlines for revealing a depression and body image battle, saying that a "weight had been lifted."

"It's been a couple years, like I wrote in there, where I've just been having some things that happened and it really started to affect me," she added. "I've always been a really strong person and able to pretty much tackle anything, but I think it got to a place where all the outside things I was dealing with just got so heavy and it started to affect me and I wanted to address it with my fans because I think they started to notice."

Pushing On With Kittenish

Jessie, who then made headlines for attending this year's AMAs, continues her music career, but she's also gaining ground with Kittenish - the brand this year launched its Kittenish Swim range and opened a new store.

Loving Life

Jessie also updates fans on her marriage to Eric Decker, plus life with the couple's three kids. The family recently took a beachy vacation together.