'My Big Fat Fabulous Life': Whitney And Lennie Figure Things Out 

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
Whitney Thore
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Through the years, fans of the reality TV series My Big Fat Fabulous Life have watched Whitney Thore's rollercoaster of a love life unfold. By the end of the show's ninth season, the reality TV star was on her way to finally meet the Frenchman — a guy she met on a language exchange app and started dating long distance. 

However, after the tenth season kicked off in August 2022, those who followed the show started trying to figure out Whitney's status with the French man. Also, Season Ten showed the TV personality and one of her ex-boyfriends Lennie's efforts to figure out things between them. The clip of a deep conversation between the duo was recently shared on TLC's YouTube channel and has since gone viral. Here is a look at Whitney and Lennie's relationship.

A Brief Timeline Of The Pair's Relationship 

Whitney and Lennie's relationship began earlier in the series, which began airing on TLC in 2015. Unfortunately, the pair's time together was short-lived as they parted ways after a scandal involving suspected adultery in season three in 2016. However, the next few times the pair ran into each other, they were usually friendly, and Whitney was excellent to Lennie.

But in MBFFL Season Eight, Lennie unexpectedly appeared in front of Whitney's door, claiming he was close by. According to him, he wanted to make sure she was okay after learning about her break-up with an ex-boyfriend, Chase. At some point, Lennie admitted to still having some feelings toward Whitney, and in the season finale, the pair decided to figure things out.

Whitney And Lennie's Intimate Talk About Their Close Bond 

On November 5, TLC shared a scene from the season finale, which aired on October 26, 2022. The clip saw the two parties address their complicated relationship in a heart-to-heart conversation. During the episode, the reality TV star mentioned the possibility of exploring something more than friendship with Lennie if she wasn't dating the French man.

On Lennie's part, he admitted to loving his and Whitney's relationship and the fact that he was back in her life. However, in the end, the pair concluded that even though they loved each other, they were still unsure if the love was real. So, they decided they needed to figure out the little spark between them after sharing a kiss.

What Did Fans Think Of The Episode?

Unfortunately, many fans were against Whitney and Lennie rekindling their love because they felt the former wasn't the best partner for her ex-boyfriend. In fact, most of them advised Lennie to stay away from Whitney as she was highly manipulative, self-absorbed, pushy, and obnoxious. According to them, Lennie deserved someone better.

The Other Side Of The Comments

On the other hand, fans cheered the duo on, urging them to get back together as soon as possible. One user advised Whitney to drop the French man and go for Lennie as he was present and wasn't a fantasy. Another YouTuber expressed their desire to see the pair date and be happy again. Will Whitney and Lennie get back together? Only time will tell.