Lindsey Vonn Outlines 'A Day In Her Life'

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Lindsey Vonn
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Lindsey Vonn may no longer be competing on the slopes, but the Olympian still has everyone interested in every small detail of her life. The former alpine skier is fresh from detailing how her days go via an Us Weekly feature. Vonn, 38, sleeps well, eats well, and still trains like a pro. She's also spent much of 2022 making headlines for being signed to the likes of Under Armour, plus dropping her Yniq eyewear collab. Lindsey did also reveal that she isn't above turning to a med when she needs one.

Revealing All The Details

Lindsey Vonn
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Lindsey spoke of her rest routine, one that doesn't necessarily come easily. The ex to pro golfer Tiger Woods stated:

"After eight hours of sleep, I wake up ready to start my day,” here naming QUVIVIQ, a prescription medicine for adults with sleep issues. “After years of trouble sleeping, I’m so happy I found a medication that works for me.” Vonn doesn't actually wake up too early, though, stating that her day begins at 8 a.m. Name-dropping her dogs, here, Lindsey continued: "Which is a good thing when I have Lucy, Jade and Leo begging me for a morning walk.”

Home Workouts At 9 A.M.

The workout queen, whose recent Under Armour promos have included plenty of gym time, continued: “I hit my at-home gym. The best part of working out with Tempo is I can do a full body circuit right in my living room.” She starts her gym time at 9 a.m., and at 10 a.m., Lindsey takes a shower. At 1 p.m., it's glam team time with photoshoots: “I’m an open book and welcome any opportunity to share my experiences — from my struggles to my triumphs,” she revealed. “If my story helps others, I am here to tell it.”

Designing Her Own Stuff

Much of Lindsey's days seem to be spent promoting and designing her merchandise. Vonn has also joined forces with skiwear brand HEAD.

"From initial sketches to final products my line took over a year to perfect to ensure every feature, fabric and stitch has both fashion and function,” she told fans last year. “That combination is everything I’ve ever wanted on the mountain! … Hope you guys love it as much as I do ❤️🙏🏻#HEADsportswear.”


Lindsey was, three weeks ago, spotted leaving a gym while in Miami, FL. The Minnesota-born star recently moved out to Florida, where she's been enjoying the East Coast sunshine. Lindsey continues to update fans on her life via her IG, where she is followed by 2.1 million. In a recent share, she promoted the QUVIVIQ sleep aid that she mentioned to Us Weekly, going #ad and saying that during her insomnia days, she couldn't "believe" some of the things she thought of when unable to sleep.

"QUVIVIQ is a prescription medicine for adults with trouble falling or staying asleep (insomnia). Do not take if you fall asleep often at unexpected times (narcolepsy)," she added via a disclaimer. For more from Vonn, give her Instagram a follow.