This Cute Baby Guinea Pig Has Attachment Issues And We Love It

Chisom Ndianefo
Guinea Pig
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The bond between a pet and its owner is incredible and indescribable; it's like having your person but with furs, feathers, or none of the above who you absolutely adore and look forward to seeing at the end of each day.

This TikTok user is showing off her baby guinea pig, who apparently is so attached to her touch and feel, and we're tearing up at how cute this is.

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Poor Baby Guinea Pig

TikTok user @popcorning_potatoes shared this adorable video that has gathered over 5.4 million plays, and we've watched it a couple of times too. In the video, she pulls a baby guinea pig out of its cot and shows it to the camera as the guinea pig hugs her hand tightly and appears scared to let go.

Cavetown's You've Got A Friend In Me plays softly in the background as she placed a caption on the video, "POV You're baby Guinea pig has attachment issues," read aloud by a voice-over. She captioned the video "She's definitely a cuddle bug!" with several other hashtags.

This guinea pig is surely lucky to be in the care of its seemingly sweet owner, and we guess she'd indulge its attachment issues for a while too.

Viewers Can't Get Enough

The sweet video has garnered over 700k likes, 3000+ comments, and 9k shares. Viewers are swooning over the short clip and expressed their emotions in different comments.


Another user commented, "It's so ROUND". earning a reply from the posting handle who said "ITS SO FLUFFY IM GONNA D*E" A third commenter asked for her name: "WHAT IS HER NAME?! I NEED TO KNOW NOW." the handle replied that her name is Sisu. Well, that's a cute name for a cute little button.

Guinea Pigs Are Very Cuddly Pets

Although they're nervous animals who get scared due to being prey animals, they enjoy the warmth and security of a human's gentle touch, especially if they're in your arms. They love attention and being petted.

These furry animals have a special talent for knowing if they can trust you or not, and when they do trust you, it'll be hard to leave you alone, just in the case of this TikTok video.

Why Are Guinea Pigs Good Pets

Guinea Pig
Unsplash | Bonnie Kittle

These furry friends have many outstanding qualities that make them excellent pets for you and your home. First on that list is that they're very gentle and quiet- they won't disturb your sleep or make your guests uncomfortable.

They easily fit into their cage for a quick vet visit and are socially acceptable. However, if you encounter a wild breed, give it gentle treatment, a good diet, and proper care to tame it.

Guinea pigs are interactive pets and make interesting sounds to express their moods and feeling. They're also the cheaper alternative to dogs.