Watch This Ostrich Hilariously Do The Stanky Leg

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Ostrich looking at the camera.
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Viral dances are everywhere online and they make the internet such a fun place to be in! From impressive performances to hilarious challenges, there is no shortage of buzzworthy dance clips on the web.

The best ones are those that come from unexpected talents - like this stunning ostrich who does the stanky leg dance better than most! This viral clip posted by boss_hogs has now reached 8.6 million views!

Scroll down for the must-watch video.

This Bird Can Bust A Move

Over on TikTok, one cool bird has been grabbing everyone's attention. He has singlehandedly brought back the "stanky leg" - a hit dance move from 2009. The dance is typically performed by stepping out with one leg, stretching the other one, and doing a little bit of leg shake. This ostrich had a different interpretation of the dance and we think it's way cooler than the original.

After dropping down low, he spread out his enormous wings and gave them a little dip and shake, while his long neck moved from left to right. His movements were perfectly in-sync with the beat!

Watch the dance below:

Male Ostriches Dance To Attract A Mate

Ostrich doing a mating dance in the middle of the road.

As much as we would all love to think that the bird is doing his own rendition of the dance craze, he really isn't. This majestic performance is a mating dance done by male ostriches to attract a potential partner.

It often comes with a loud, hollow-sounding boom that calls to the hens. Males with the most elaborate dances have a higher chance of attracting more mating partners.

Ostriches Sometimes Fall In Love With Their Human Keepers

Ostrich blinking while looking at the camera.

In one study, it was determined that ostriches who have grown in captivity can sometimes feel an attraction toward their human keepers and perform the mating ritual dance for them.

"The birds directed these courtship behaviours towards the human observer adjacent to the perimeter although some females did not appear to respond," the research said.

This means that when you see an ostrich looking at you like THAT and busting out his moves, he might just be trying to woo you. It's certainly possible that the viral ostrich in the clip has a little crush on his human keeper!

TikTokers React To The Dancing Ostrich

TikTok comments
TikTok | boss_hogs

People flocked to the comment section to express their excitement over the bird. It's not every day that you get to see a wild animal bop to a beat and this ostrich definitely nailed his moves!

"I thought it was gonna start twerking," one person said.

"You won't convince me that that bird couldn't hear this exact song," another fan wrote.