See Who Britney Spears Marries In Latest Media Update

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Britney Spears
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Self-love has been described as the best form of affection for oneself and Britney Spears knows all about it. The star made it known to fans in her recent social media life update that she was married to herself. The 41-year-old got bored and this triggered her decision to get married again in front of her millions of fans. Spears posted a video of herself in a wedding dress saying that she married herself.

Britney Spears Pull Up A Funny Character To Ease Boredom

The Princess Of Pop found a way to deal with boredom and gave it a good match. The Baby One More Time singer is a bunch of talents as she showed her followers a part of her that hasn't been seen. With the stunts she pulled in that video, one can mistake her for a comedian. In the Instagram video, the songwriter wore a satin wedding dress with a V-neck shape, the outfit is an armless one with a flowing-lace veil that touched the ground. The Oops…I Did It Again crooner was all smiles as she posed for the camera. Her fans were no doubt thrilled as they sent in 121,425 likes to encourage her.

Britney Spears Disclosed That She Was Partially Present At Her Wedding

Britney Spears
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The Crossroads star raised eyebrows when she disclosed that she was not fully present at her wedding to Sam Asghari. The Britney Alum who got married this year said she has not had real consciousness in three years. The singer got free from conservatorship last November and wrote in an Instagram post that she couldn't breathe properly at her wedding. She shared that there was lots of talking and speaking at her wedding party which she didn't find comfortable.

"It's been a while for me, I can now breathe and I hope my family breathes well too". Spears wrote although she didn't elaborate on the matter.

The pop star had an elaborate and star-studded wedding with the likes of Madonna, Paris Hilton, Drew Barrymore, and Donatella Versace in attendance.

Spears Had A Panic Attack Moments Before Her Wedding

The Rolling Stone cover star revealed that she had a panic attack a few moments before walking down the aisle to say I do. She revealed that she was nervous all morning but a few hours before her wedding which was exactly at 2 am, it dawned on her that she is getting married. 

Nonetheless, she got it all together and had it under control. Thankfully, she was able to scale through the wedding party.

On Millie Bobby Brown's Intentions To Play Her In A Future Biopic

Spears can be a lot of things but being internet-shy is not one of them. Recently, she shunned the Stranger Things star for wanting to portray her in a future biopic.

"I heard about people wanting to do movies about my life. Although they want me dead, I am not dead". The Pop icon wrote in an Instagram post.

Spears also slammed her estranged parents for the roles they played in her conservatorship saying it is funny how two people who gave you life are the same people striving to take the life from you. She also shared that she is alive and breathing again although it's different this time she's enjoying it.