Austin Butler Shares The Essentials He Can't Live Without

Chisom Ndianefo
Close up of Austin Butler
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Austin Butler shared ten things he can't live without with GQ during his Elvis promo tour, including an interesting candle collection hobby. The actor found an English perfumer who claimed they made individual scents for Johnny Depp based on his movie roles.

Although he didn't corroborate the story, Butler said he liked the idea and adopted it starting with The Iceman Cometh. He used it to trigger feelings in himself and hasn't stopped since.

Butler Lists His Essentials

Butler shared other items on his essentials list, including a camera for his newfound love of photography. Like the perfume story, the actor adopted the hobby because it kept him sane while filming intense roles.

He bought a new house and added a red room to the basement to indulge his hobby. Butler also listed "a good pair of vintage boots" bought from a New York store. Another piece is the Carhartt jacket which the Elvis actor has in several colors.

Based on his clothing essentials, you can tell Butler prioritizes comfort in fashion.

Loving Guitars Since Childhood

Guitars have been part of Butler's life since childhood, and it was his go-to instrument/companion when his parents grounded him. According to the actor, he played for eight hours daily until his fingers bled, and he has one once owned by the legendary Elvis Presley.

Butler said it was the exact one Presley played in his 1968 comeback special, and it fit to receive it as a gift when he got the role for his biopic.

Journaling And Reading Books Are Top Of The List

Butler has bookshelves of journals which he uses during work, and he especially loves books made of moleskin leather. The actor joked about feeling pressured when starting a new journal hence having beautiful writing on the first few pages.

However, once he gets in the zone, anything goes. He learned journaling from Matthew McConaughey. Butler drinks more water when he's active and uses it to gauge his activity.

Exploring The Gray Areas Of Love And Life

Butler loves reading as much as journaling, and he always has a book. During his interview, he referenced several authors, including actor McConaughey and Raymond Carver. The actor enjoyed exploring the gray areas of love and life in Carver's What We Talk About When We Talk About Love.

In reality, Butler's love life is a private affair, especially after breaking up with Vanessa Hudgens about two years ago. Earlier in 2021, he reportedly dated Lily-Rose Depp, but it lasted a few months as he moved on to Kaia Gerber.

Butler and Gerber made their red carpet debut at this year's MET Gala but keep their romance off social media.