'Good Morning America' Co-Hosts' Secret Affair Exposed!

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
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Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes are two of the most iconic television personalities. They have been in the industry for many years and even garnered more attention in 2020 when they became co-hosts on Good Morning America 3. In the two years they have worked together, Amy and T.J. have done their jobs perfectly. But away from their jobs as co-hosts, the pair have formed a very solid friendship.

With various social media posts and public words of encouragement, Amy and T.J. have given the world a glimpse of their beautiful blossoming friendship. However, recently, reports revealed that there is more to the co-hosts' relationship. Apparently, Amy and T.J. have been in a secret romantic relationship for a while. Here are the details.

Are Amy And T.J. Dating?

Amy and T.J.'s alleged romance became public after Daily Mail released PDA-packed pictures of the pair on November 30, 2022. The GMA co-anchors were pictured holding hands in an Uber and enjoying a good time, among several other outings in November. Another picture taken on November 13 showed T.J. placing his hand on Amy's backside as she seemingly loaded some items into a car's trunk. 

In two shots taken on November 10, the television personalities were captured smiling and getting cozy at a bar in New York City, then walking toward a car together afterward. The snapshots have made the public believe that Amy and T.J.'s relationship is more than platonic.

When Did The Pair's Alleged Romance Begin?

According to insiders, Amy and T.J. went from co-workers to couples in June 2022, when they were filming Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee in London. In the following months, photos shared on social media hinted at a possible romance, as they had some flirtatious undertones. 

For example, in March, T.J. took to social media with a picture of him and Amy posing alongside the president of ABC News, Kim Godwin. In the caption, T.J. noted that president Kim had to fly down to ensure he and Amy were behaving.  

Why Is The Situation Messy?

Are Amy and T.J. Holmes dating?
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The public is interested in the dating rumors because of the pair's close friendship and because Amy and T.J. are still legally married to their respective spouses. Amy is married to her husband, Andrew Sue, whom she wed in February 2010, while T.J. is married to his wife, Marilee Fiebig, whom he wed in March 2010.


However, there are claims that the pair's alleged romance only began after they separated from their spouses. Still, the public speculates that Amy and T.J. began dating before they parted ways with their partners.

Amy And T.J's Reaction To The Rumors

Amy and T.J. have yet to confirm or deny the dating rumors. But reports have revealed that Amy has restricted comments on her Instagram account. According to the reports, netizens have been pointing out her absent husband and missing wedding ring. In the meantime, the world can only wait to see what happens in the coming days and months.