Kylie Jenner Denies Distraction From The Balenciaga Scandal

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"This is why I don't do this!"

Kylie Jenner got into it on TikTok with a commenter who accused her of using her son to distract attention from the infamous Balenciaga scandal. This comes a day after fans flamed her older sister, Kim Kardashian, for her lackluster response to the brand's child molestation allegations.

The 25-year-old mother of two immediately distanced herself from the brand, saying she "had no motive to cover for Balenciaga."

Background On The Balenciaga Controversy

Balenciaga came under fire for using children in a sexually suggestive ad for its Gift Shop collection. The brand used children to model teddy bears accessorized in bondage gear. In a second, more damning campaign ad, Balenciaga shared a pile of legal documents, including a child pornography case decided by the Supreme Court.

While social media shared their thoughts via Twitter and Instagram, the situation escalated due to Fox News host Tucker Carlson's breakdown in his segment. He highlighted the deliberate action by the French brand to promote kiddie porn in the name of art.

Kim Kardashian Denounces Balenciaga's Campaign

Immediately, social media users called out the industry for its hypocrisy, saying Balenciaga terminated relationships over a less damning situation. Candace Owens also called out Kim Kardashian, the current celebrity brand ambassador, for keeping quiet while her ex-husband suffered the "Cancel Culture" treatment from the brand.

Kim posted a statement on her social media feeds denouncing the actions and saying Balenciaga was willing to make amends. However, her statement lacked the force of someone truly "disgusted" by the situation. The brand also filed a suit against the campaign ad company.

Kylie Gets Dragged Into The Balenciaga Conspiracy

Kylie Jenner got involved unwittingly (or not) when she posted a rare picture of her 9-month-old son. It's a growing conspiracy amongst netizens that the Kar-Jenner clan releases positive PR news when the family is going through negative attention.

Due to Kim's involvement with Balenciaga, a TikToker assumed the 'momager' instructed the family to share good news and distract attention from the controversy. Firstly, Kim announced that she and Tristan Thompson celebrated Friendsgiving with some prison inmates, then came Kylie's post.

Kylie Claps Back At The Commenter

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The business mogul denied the allegations, saying she had no dog in the fight and hence no reason to use the child for a positive Balenciaga PR. Kylie insisted that allegations like these are why she doesn't post her children online, as people always form weird conspiracies.

She replied,

"uh whyyyyy would I post my child to cover up for Balenciaga? this is why I don’t do this, always something to say."