Photos That Prove Chris Hemsworth Is A God Among Men

Jordan Claes
Chris and his wife, Elsa, on their way to an '80s-themed party.
instagram | @chrishemsworth

The MCU has given birth to many a superhero over the past two decades, but no one has been more revered and adored than Chris Hemsworth. Over the years, he's become synonymous with his Thor character and idolized both for his incredible physique and good looks.

Not only that, but Chris has also helped to set the standard for male beauty for the better part of his illustrious career. So as a way of paying homage, here are 10 photos that prove how Chris Hemsworth is a god among men.

The Calm And Contemplative Look.

What I wouldn't give to be able to walk around inside Chris' brain and see what makes him tick. I swear all I would need is five minutes.

A Soak In The Tub With His Boys.

Sure, Chris' abs are out of this world, but I'm most impressed with this giant copper tub.

Just More Chris To Love.

I know I'm in the minority when I say that I miss "Fat Thor," but it's a hill I'll happily die on.

Caring For The Environment Is Sexy.

Caring for the environment and having a desire to leave the planet in better shape than when you found it is a commendable trait.

Here Comes The Man In Black.

You could neuralize me half-a-dozen times, you'd still never be able to make me forget how good Chris looks in this suit.

From Dad Bod To God Bod.

Just in case you were curious, that truck tire weighs upwards of 200 lbs. It's one of the many workouts Chris undertook to get into Thor shape.

Chris Could Give Michelangelo's "David" A Run For His Money.

If Michelangelo's "David" was carved from a single block of marble, what on earth was Chris carved from?

A Father And Son Enjoying A Day Of Surfing Together.

The only thing sexier than the fact that Chris is an amazing father is the beard that he's rocking in this photo.

Why Aren't Koalas Considered Bears?

Chris Hemsworth
Flickr | marlon372

Because they don't have the right koala-fications! Dad jokes aside, have you ever seen anything cuter in your life? Actually, you know what? Don't answer that. I already know the answer.

A Super Hero Out For A Walk With His Super Son.

I know that Chris has historically played Thor in the MCU, but after looking at this photo I think he could've easily played The Hulk as well.