Did Kris Jenner Play A Role In The Breakup Of One Of Her Kids?

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Kris Jenner
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Google Kris Jenner's name and you're bound to see the quote, "The devil works hard, but Kris Jenner works harder."

This is in reference to the miracles Kris Jenner has been able to make with her family, whether that's turning them into billionaires, taking negative heat off a family scandal, and more.

Now, it appears that Kris Jenner has been at it again: this time, with a role to play in Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker's breakup.

Kendall Has Never Been Shy About Her Mother's Influence On Her Life

In an interview with E! News, Kendall got candid about the pressure Kris puts on her to have kids soon. She's currently the only Kardashian-Jenner daughter without kids.

“Mom, 100 percent,” she answered when asked about who pressures her to have kids. “Mom and Kylie," she added. “She will just randomly text me and be like, ‘I think it’s time,’ and I’m like, ‘Is this not up to me?!’”

Kris Has Also Pressured Kendall to Freeze Her Eggs

Kendall Jenner
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While Kendall eventually wants kids, she's not quite ready.

She explained to E! that she's in no rush right now. Besides, she has so many nieces and nephews that keep her baby fever at bay. “I’m just living life right now as a free bird,” she said.

As she should! The whole baby thing has been pushed ever farther back now that Kendall and her longtime boyfriend, Devin Booker, quietly broke up last month.

This Came After Two Years of Dating

Their split was reportedly due to their busy schedules with Kendall's modeling and Devin's basketball career. “Things are amicable after the breakup, there’s no bad blood between them," a source close to the former couple told Us Weekly.

But now there's speculation Kris played a role in Kendall's breakup with Booker.

This Reportedly Has to Do With Kris Pressuring Kendall to Have a Baby

Since it takes two to tangle aka have a baby, one has to imagine that Devin felt the pressure from Kris as well. When they briefly split up after Kourtney Kardashian's Italian wedding, it was said to be caused by Devin not being as serious about Kendall as she was about him.

A source close to Devin said, "Kendall broke up with him because she didn't think he was taking the relationship as seriously as she was."

This certainly sounds like the pressure to get married and have kids from Kris Jenner spooked yet another man away from the Kardashian-Jenner family!

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