Megan Fox's Sexiest Photos Of All Time

Jordan Claes
Megan Fox dressed as Princess Zelda, holding her bra to her chest with her hand.
instagram | @meganfox

Megan Fox is just that — a stone-cold fox. Since storming onto the scene in Transformers Megan has worked hard to become one of the most influential sex symbols of her era, continuously defining herself as a woman willing to push the boundaries of the status quo.

Megan is not only sexy but a talented actress to boot. She's a powerful influencer, a savvy businesswoman, as well as a caring and devoted mother. So in order to pay homage to the woman who moves like a goddess, here is a collection of Megan Fox's sexiest photos of all time.

Dripping With Sex Appeal.

Megan and MGK absolutely slayed at the VMAs — even when standing beside a urinal.

A Beautiful Mermaid Caught In A Net.

Megan makes fishnets look classy. She's like a beautiful siren luring sailors to their doom.

"When I Tell You That The Table At This Air BnB Saw Some Things."

My mind is racing with possibilities!

Tell Me More, Tell Me More...

A photo of Megan channeling Danny Zucko and her inner T-Bird.

"I Don’t Exercise. If God Had Wanted Me To Bend Over He Would Have Put Diamonds On The Floor."

Megan's abs are arguably her most impressive physical feature.

Nothing Gold Can Stay.

A stunning shot of Megan during her photoshoot for Frederick's of Hollywood.

Look Into My Eyes.

The silver/blonde hair Megan is rocking really does make her eyes pop in the best way possible.

Broom; What Broom?

I'm willing to bet that you didn't notice the broom and dustpan in the background; why would you?

Pretty In Pink

I have never been more jealous of a donut in my entire life.

Racy In Lace.

yet another behind-the-scenes glimpse of Megan in her stunning neglige for Frederick's of Hollywood.

The Hottest-Looking Hogwarts Student Of All Time.

I feel as if the enrollment at Hogwarts would've been at an all-time high if Megan was the one teaching Potions, instead of Professor Snape.

If Looks Could Kill...

Those ruby lips and slate blue eyes are enough to turn men (and women) to stone.

A Little Kitty To Cover The...

I feel like I finally understand what the "Free the Nipple" movement is all about.

It's The Hat For Me.

Only three people on earth have ever looked good in a fuzzy hat: LL COOL J, Fred Durst, and Megan Fox.

"Guys I Had A Business Meeting Today. I Made Sure To Wear Something Subtle And Professional."

This is a strategic business tactic if ever there was one. I'd sign my life away if Megan asked me to.

Grandma's Couch Was Never The Same Again.

Sure, the print is impressive, but I'm especially transfixed by those lime-green toenails Megan is rocking.

Lady in Red.

I've never seen Megan looking so lovely as she did in this scintillating photoshoot for Frederick's of Hollywood.

A Canadian Tuxedo With A Little Under-Boob.

Just when I thought that Justin and Britney had the final word on the Canadian Tuxedo, Megan goes and proves me wrong.

I've Never Wanted To Play Zelda So Badly In My Life.

Is it weird to say that I find elf ears attractive? If so, I really don't care.

Not Many People Could Pull This Dress Off.

But then again, Megan Fox isn't your average plain Jane. She's both an icon and a muse.