90 Day Fiance's Kim Menzies Flaunts Curves In Glam Snaps

Ashabi Azeez
Kim Menzies
instagram | itskimberly90

Kim Menzies's style has evolved through her ongoing TV stint, and the star is letting fans know she isn't shy to show her curves. The 90 Day Fiance star recently shared a snap with her followers on Instagram dishing incredible beauty. The 57-year-old looks nothing like her age which makes her fans wonder if she is aging backward or not aging at all.

Kim Menzies' Curves Had Fans Gushing

The reality star amazed her followers in a post with the caption, "Be yourself always. Authenticity is beauty". In the snap the 90 Day Fiance star modeled in an ensemble that accentuated her figure. The San Diego native wore a green dress that had a high slit that gave a view of her thigh. The outfit has ribbon-like gathers at the midriff which sculpted her figure and showed off her curves.

Besides that, the armless wear was an avenue to show off her beautiful hands as she posed for the camera. Her hair cascaded around her shoulder as Menzies opted for a barefoot look. As usual, her fans make it rain with 9,770 likes and lovely comments.

She Is Set To Marry In Season 7 Of 90 Day Fiance

Menzies has always been a fan of Usman "Sojaboy" Umar after he debuted on the 90 Day Fiance with his ex-wife, Lisa Hamme. Kim wanted to be Usman's girlfriend which eventually happened after she desperately showered the Nigerian native with gifts.

The couple is planning to get married in 90 Days Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 7. However, the 33-year-old (Usman) parent has kicked against their son marrying an older woman 57 years old. Impressively, against all odds, Menzies always tries to look good for her soon-to-be husband. Her recent uploads have proved the saying, age is just a number.

She Revealed That She Battled Low-Self Esteem

Kim Menzies
instagram | itskimberly90

In a post where Menzies reposted her earlier pictures, she revealed her experience with wearing a dress. The TV personality revealed that she was never comfortable whenever she wore a dress. This is a result of the low self-esteem she had in the past.

However, she has learned to love herself just the way she is and has gradually become comfortable in her skin.

"I am beautiful just as I am although still a work in progress". Menzies confessed. Also, she shared the designer of the dress stating that she bought it from Shein because they have wonderful wear, especially for plus-size women.

Usman Has Suggested An Adoption

Usman and Kim are struggling to have children because of Kim's age. However, his mother suggested that he took a second wife who could bear him kids. But unfortunately, they were informed by the lawyer that even though it's acceptable in Nigeria, it would compromise his ability to secure a visa in the United States.

Per People, Sunday's episode of the show, showed Usman in a conversation with Menzies about adopting a child. He suggested his nephew, Mahadi would be a good idea. Especially as Menzies can't give the International superstar Sojaboy a child due to age factor.