A Tale Of Two Cats: How Sasha Won Over Cosmo In Just 10 Days

Sarah Kester
Cats hissing at each other
youtube | The Dodo

Sibling rivalry is a universal problem. You never know how kids are going to react when you bring them home a new baby sister or brother.

It's also a problem that exists in the animal world. Cats could take to their new furry sibling right away, or it could take weeks — even months — before they're able to happily co-exist.

When cat pawrents, Mackenzie and Peggy, brought home a new kitten to their cat Cosmo, a cat fight quickly ensued.

It Was 'Hate At First Sight' For These Two Cats

Cosmo hissing
youtube | The Dodo

The viral video posted by The Dodo starts by showing the new kitten, Sasha, getting acquainted with his new older brother, Cosmo. There was no love lost between them —only lots of hisses!

This came mainly from Cosmo's side, which is understandable since he now had a new animal encroaching on his territory. He's not the only baby anymore!

Cats Can Be Very Territorial!

"How can you be scared of this little two or three-pound kitten?" the cat's owner asked Cosmo. While they were close in proximity to each other, there was no actual "closeness" between them, as both cats had their ears back and their back arched. This is the signature posture of an uncomfortable kitty.

Then came the hisses. It's safe to say that the first day didn't exactly go well!

By Day Five, Things Weren't Getting Much Better

Cats playing on ground together
youtube | The Dodo

Cosmo was still keeping a safe distance and hissing at the orange kitten any time Sasha got near him. Thankfully, things started to improve by day 10!

A clip showed Sasha hiding in a toy tunnel while Cosmo went and sniffed everything out. Another clip showed Cosmo playing with Sasha's paws, which were poking out from underneath a cloth.

Playtime Was Clearly Their Love Language!

It helped these two kitties bond and cement a close friendship. By looking at the cats on day 30 of being together, you'd hardly be able to tell that they were the same cats from day 1! Case in point: they were snuggled up on the bed together. At one point, Sasha even began licking Cosmo!

The whole clip was too cute for words! It also proved that some great friendships take time. By getting to know each other, these two kitties have become the cutest pair of siblings!

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