Hailee Steinfeld Shares Her Self-Care Routine

Ashley Hunte
The singer/actress has a busy schedule, but makes sure to take time for herself.
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Oscar-nominated actress and critically acclaimed singer, it seems like there are very few things Hailee Steinfeld can't do. But as the actress/singer works hard, starring in movies and shows, such as Dickinson and Hawkeye on top of pursuing her singing career, it also means she's constantly on the go.

With such a busy schedule, it can be difficult to find times to unwind and practice self-care. Steinfeld recently sat down with Elite Daily to talk about how she practices mindfulness and relaxation, dishing on her morning and evening care routines.

Steinfeld Shared That Her Most Important Self Care Tip Is To Stay Hydrated.

"I've realized more and more the importance of taking a step back and taking time for myself as I get older," she said in the interview, before discussing how she always makes sure to drink water whenever she can.

For her, the number two most important thing is to maintain a consistent exercise schedule. Steinfeld explained that it can be difficult to make yourself work out when you don't feel up to it, but any time she finishes a workout, she feels much better afterward.

Other Ways The Star Unwinds Includes Going For Walks And Listening To Music.

Steinfeld practices self care in order to maintain a work/life balance.
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Steinfeld took the opportunity to dish about what's on her Spotify playlist, including the recent Beyoncé album and the new songs Rihanna has dropped (much like the rest of us, Steinfeld is eagerly awaiting Rihanna's new music).

The interview continued with the star talking about how she goes for walks without her phone, as being disconnected for even a short time has allowed her to stay centered and focused.

"It's crazy what it does — even for 10 minutes," she says, "And by the way, I still will go and reach for it, think that it's on me and it's like, it's been 10 minutes. So, I’m definitely making more of an effort to leave it behind when I can."

Steinfeld's Nighttime Routine Is Surprisingly Simple.

She shared that she has a simple skincare routine, and then reads and writes for around 20 minutes before going to sleep. Avoiding screen time like watching movies before bed helps her fall asleep.

She also shared that she takes baths whenever she has the chance.

While Traveling, The Star Tries To Maintain Consistency.

Toward the end of the interview, Steinfeld discussed how she tries to maintain a consistent schedule when traveling for work. She said, in reference to being in a different time zone, "I try my best to maintain and sometimes even double down on the self-care routine, and really make sure that I'm taking care of myself, staying hydrated, and checking in."