Kitten in leaves
Unsplash | Geronimo Giqueaux

Woman's Rescued "Kitten" Turns Out to Be a Wild Puma

Stumbling upon an abandoned kitten on the side of the road would be enough to melt anyone's cold, dead heart.

But before you take that little cutie home, you want to make absolutely sure that it's actually a kitten.

One woman learned this the hard way when the kitten she rescued turned out to be a wild puma!

Taking an Abandoned Animal Home Doesn't Always Go Purr-Fect

Texts about baby coyote in home
Bored Panda | Kayla Eby

A few years ago, a woman by the name of Kayla Eby mistook a baby coyote for a puppy and brought the little fella home. Well, kinda. This was actually a prank done by Kayla on her husband, Justin.

Using her expert photoshop skills, she texted some pictures of the baby coyote in their home. "I found this cute little dog outside... he doesn't have tags or anything. He's kinda scared. What should I do?" Kayla texted her husband.

Much to the Husband's Horror, She Supposedly Brought the Wild Animal Inside

One image she photoshopped and sent to her husband showed the coyote snuggled up on the couch with their son! As you can imagine, the husband feared for his family's safety.

"ARE YOU SERIOUSLY NOT GETTING THIS?! DO YOU REALLY THINK THATS A DOG? Is this the god damn twilight zone? THATS OBVIOUSLY A COYOTE," her frustrated husband wrote in a text. Eventually, Kayla let her husband know that she was trolling him. Phew!

Unfortunately, This Next Story Isn't a Joke

Baby Tito
youtube | Inside Edition

After finding what looked like two stray kittens, a woman named Florencia and her brother decided to bring the "cats" home. Sadly, one of the animals died, leaving just one, whom they called "Tito."

Everything was going okay for a while. Tito seemed like a normal, affectionate kitten who trusted Florencia and her brother as they nursed him back to health.

But when Florencia took Tito to the vet for a routine checkup, the vet informed her that he was no normal feline.

He Was a Wild Puma!

As in the wild animal that should never live in homes as pets. Even a domesticated puma can still be dangerous to humans.

As a result, Florencia took Tito to a wildlife reserve in Yerba Buena, Argentina where he will be taken care of by experts and possibly even released back into the wild.

What a wild story — literally! Although it was sad for Florencia to let Tito go, she'll never forget those two amazing months!