Kim Kardashian Gets Grinch Makeover Courtesy Of North West

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Kim Kardashian
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It seems like all Kim Kardashian has to do is blink, and she's trending on every social media and news platform. While she definitely knows how to keep herself relevant, she also knows how to have fun, wholesome moments with her kids.

Kim actually has a TikTok account called @kimandnorth, where she posts fun videos with her daughter North West to their 9.9 million followers. They post a variety of content, including some makeovers that North gives Kim. In a particularly festive TikTok uploaded a few short days ago, North transformed her mother into a familiar holiday icon: The Grinch.

The 8-Second TikTok Shows The Process Sped Up.

Titled "Mommy Grinch" with a green heart emoji, and featuring the classic song, You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch, we watch as North applies different layers of makeup to Kim's face to create the grinchy look. She starts off with a foundation layer, before moving on to various shades of green. The end result is Kim's face being colored and contoured to resemble the fuzzy, wrinkly face of the Dr. Seuss character. To be honest, it's pretty impressive that North could make her mom so closely resemble the Grinch!

The end of the TikTok shows Kim posing with her new green makeup, while lip-synching along to the song in the background.

This Is Far From The First Time North Has Given Kim A Character Makeover.

In a TikTok posted in July, Kim gets the Minion treatment from her daughter. The TikTok, titled "Mommy Minion" with two yellow heart emojis, follows a pretty similar format to the Grinch video. A sped-up clip of North applying makeup to Kim's face plays, followed by her impressive transformation into one of the iconic characters.

Kim Previously Revealed That North Enjoys Creating "Over The Top" Makeup Effects.

Kim Kardashian in a 2021 interview with VOGUE Taiwan.
Wikimedia Commons | VOGUE Taiwan [Creative Commons Attribution 3.0]

"She’s really good at it. I have a teacher come and show her special effects makeup — where it’s like wounds and blood and tons of stuff," Kim said in an interview with Allure earlier this month, according to Us Weekly.

Given how North's family is very influential in the fashion and makeup worlds, it makes sense that she's been able to cultivate so much talent at such a young age.

Apparently, This Is Just One Of The Young Star's Many Talents.

North West is also known to poke fun at her mom's reality TV empire. Earlier this month, she posted a TikTok in which she impersonated her mother, as voice clips of Kim on The Kardashians play in the background.

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