Billie Eilish Rolls Around In A Skintight Soaking-Wet Dress

Geri Green
Billie Eilish
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Billie Eilish is making headlines for sizzling as she rolls around and gets soaking wet while in a sheer dress. The Grammy winner has been busy promoting her Eilish No. 2 fragrance, and promo on her Instagram has been going strong for it. The bad guy hitmaker went for a black mesh dress while sending out a prowess vibe, also likely gaining customers as a result. Billie, 20, thrilled her 107 million followers in video mode recently, arching her back and rolling around in puddles of water as she delivered a sensual finish. Fans have left her over 1.7 million likes.

New Fragrance From Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish poster
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Billie's video showed her amid pouring and rain-effect water and dark lighting. The pop sensation was shot in a mash-up and at various angles while showing off her curves - fans saw Billie in a see-through and figure-hugging dress with a leggy slit. All wet hair as she writhed around and got drenched, the Gucci partner also showed off the bust bottle of her scent. In a caption, she wrote: "Eilish No. 2 available to order now in the US on go get it ;)"

Close-up footage also showed Billie rocking pale makeup that brought out her famous eyes. She wore her hair down, matted, and wet.

Second Fragrance In A Year

Billie is seemingly on a roll. Her scent comes under 12 months after the release of Eilish by Billie Eilish. "Fragrance and scent is something that has literally led my life to be what it is, and I feel incredibly knowledgeable about it," the singer told Refinery29. "I feel very protective about it, inspired by it, and I really know a lot about scent. It has narrated my entire life."

Joining The Celebs With Fragrances

Billie is not the first music face to have gotten big on fragrance. Also known for having released scents are Grammy winner Mariah Carey, R&B superstar Beyonce, pop princess Britney Spears, plus sweetheart singer Ariana Grande.

Going For A Weighted Blanket Feel

Eilish No. 2 is described as "dark, woody, and alluring." Continuing as she spoke to Refinery 29, Billie stated: "I wanted it to feel really dark, wet, gray, metallic-y, and cold, but also warm in how it makes you feel. I wanted it to be a spicier, more gender-fluid feeling — a little bit more in the realm of a spicy, pine needle-y, peppery kind of world."

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