Frog Is Offered a Drink, Goes for a Full-Body Soak Instead

Sarah Kester
Cute frog
Unsplash | Jack Hamilton

Few things restore faith in humanity quite like people helping animals.

Most of the time, these are poor, helpless animals who would otherwise be injured or dead had it not been for selfless humans taking time out of their busy lives to help them.

So when a person on Reddit shared a video of them providing a tree frog with a "full body soak" in 110-degree weather, hearts were warmed almost as much as the sun.

This Next Viral Video Might Just Make You Tear Up

Frog near water cap
reddit | u/FootLoosePickleJuice

Don't worry, you can just blame it on someone cutting onions nearby.

The video was shared by u/FootLoosePickleJuice on Reddit.

It shows the tiniest little green frog on the ledge of someone's house. "Heat index was 110 degrees so we offered him a cold drink," the Redditor wrote.

It showed them holding out a cap full of water (like the kind of cap on a water bottle).

But instead of taking a drink of the water to cool down, this frog did the next best thing: a full-body soak!

The Cap Was the Perfect Size for the Little Guy

Frog in water cap
reddit | u/FootLoosePickleJuice

He must've really needed that refreshing dip! He looked more than pleased as he got more comfortable.

Reddit users were so glad that the frog got the help he needed from the blistering heat.

"You may have saved his little life," one user wrote. "Frogs drink through their skin, so you cooled him off and quenched him," another added.

Some joked: "Moisturize me," a user commented.

Watch the full video here!

In One Viral Twitter Video, a Black Bear Was Trying To Safely Help Her Cubs Cross

Mama bear crossing with cub
twitter | @Every5thday

Instead of cars rushing to get by, the drivers all decided to stop and give the mama bear the safe space she needed.

This was definitely needed, as the adorable cubs kept thinking it was playtime!

Some of her cubs get running back into the road to play. One even decided to climb a pole!

Exasperated, the mama bear tried to pick up two cubs at once.

Parents Everywhere Could Relate to the Struggle

Parenting can be beary hard!

"Bear Mama, I know your struggle. You have the one you have to drag, the one that willingly follows, and the happy-go-lucky one about to get run over," one person commented on Twitter.

Eventually, the mama bear was able to get all of her cubs across the road and onto their merry way! We applaud those drivers for being so patient.