Dog Plays Dead To Avoid Going Home

Jordan Claes
Dog playing dead in the middle of a crowded park.
youtube | The Dodo

Owning a dog isn't all too dissimilar from having a child. On their good days, they fill your heart with joy and happiness to the point where you wonder how you ever got on without them. But at their worst, well... let's just say it's far from fun.

Recently, a fellow animal lover and dog owner found out the hard way just how stubborn is golden retriever could be, as well as the lengths that it was willing to go to just to prolong its playtime at the park by just a few minutes more.

Dog Owners Understand All Too Well How "Man's Best Friend" Can Sometimes Be A Royal Pain In The Butt

A golden retriever puppy running across the grass.
Unsplash | Cristian Castillo

Regardless of how well you have your dog trained (or how well you think they're trained), every once in a while our playful pooches love showing us their stubborn/defiant side. It often happens without warning and tends to take place in the most embarrassing of settings and under the worst circumstances. I've owned dogs in the past that have peed all over friends' new furniture, taken bites out of a child's birthday cake, and barked for hours on end at absolutely nothing.

That Being Said, I've Never Once Seen A Dog Who Was So Determined To Avoid Going Home That It Was Willing To Play Dead

Golden retriever playing dead in a crowded park.
youtube | The Dodo

After spending the afternoon frolicking and playing in the park, this gorgeous golden retriever's owner decided that enough was enough and that it was time to head home. Unfortunately, his furry friend felt differently. As you can see in the above video, the dog digs in its heels on the sidewalk, bows its head with indifference, and then pretends to flop on its back — as all the other park-goers look on in laughter.

The Laughter From The Crowd Grows Louder As The Man Bends Down To Try And Coax His Dog To Move

When that doesn't work, he removes the animal's leash and collar and pretends to walk away. It seems to work, but only for a moment. In no time at all, the dog is back on its back, happily showing its pink underbelly to all who walk by. The dog seemingly appears to understand that he's captured the attention of the people and shows no signs of relenting.

"Excuse me, sir," a voice calls from behind the camera. "I think your dog's broken."

Finally, After What Feels Like An Eternity Of Awkward Torture, The Dog Rolls Onto Its Stomach, Gathers Composure And Gingerly Walks Off

Not surprisingly, the video has elicited quite a response among fellow animal lovers across social media. "The dog is just like a toddler who doesn’t want to leave the park, except the dog isn’t kicking and screaming," YouTuber Princess365! commented.

"Imagine being socially awkward just trying to get home and your dog does this and everyone stares at you," YouTube user OB lamented.