Rescued Tiny Donkey Thinks He's Actually a Dog

Sarah Kester
Tim getting back scratches
youtube | The Dodo

Thanks to Shrek, we've already seen donkeys do some pretty incredible things, like fly, talk, and fall in love with dragons.

But what about a donkey that thinks it's a dog? As it turns out, this isn't a piece of fiction. It's fact! A tiny donkey on YouTube has gone viral for thinking just that, and it's more adorable than words.

'The Dodo' Shared a Video of the Tiny Donkey Doing Dog-Like Things

Tiny Tim
youtube | The Dodo

In one clip from a YouTube video, he was playing with pillows alongside his dog brother. In another shot, he was getting back scratches from his dad. Jody explained that he has a lot of traits that are not donkey traits.

"Like he wags his tail like a dog. He'll lick dishes out of the dishwasher when you're loading it. He'll drink out of the toilet. He fetches," she explained.

Jody Rescued Tiny Tim From a Bad Situation.

In order to nurse him back to health, she let him live in the house. Soon, he began adjusting to how the family's dogs lived. Jody even said that he was so much easier to train than a dog! He picked up going potty outside super fast and can even do tricks, like spin! If you ask him to say "yes," he'll even speak!

Pillows are his favorite toy! "He would grab pillows off the lawn furniture and throw them into the pool," Jody said. His best day total was grabbing 22 pillows!

It's a good thing he's cute!

Never Underestimate the Intelligence of an Animal

We've already seen some uncommon pets do some pretty miraculous things, like a pig who became an internet sensation for learning how to talk! We're talking about Merlin, a mini Vietnamese potbelly pig who's owned by TikToker, Mina Alali.

After adopting him, she got to work teaching him things you’d expect from a traditional dog or cat, like using the kitty litter and asking for food and walks. 

He Can Even Talk

One thing that helped Merlin train was buttons that can be programmed with pre-recorded sounds and messages. "If he did something, I would just repeat the words over and over again," Mina explained of the training process with her smart piggy.