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'Students' Dads Want To Sleep With Me' - Teacher On TikTok Laments

A teacher on TikTok is frustrated that her students' fathers can't see past her beauty and want to sleep with her to grant their children good grades. The user, Your Natash, shared a video of herself screaming at the thought of the situation while her text bubble explained further.

The commenters on TikTok shared their thoughts on why those fathers hit on the teacher, and their consensus was that her physique and beauty prompted it. She captioned the picture, "Oh, If I had a Dollar for each time."

The Fathers Don't Care About Grades

The TikToker wore a sleeveless mini-red dress showing the top of her cleavage while she styled her bleached blonde hair in a tousled wave. She stood before a bookshelf and held papers as she screamed and jumped.

Fellow users commented on the post, giving potential reasons like,

"They don’t care about their kids grades." "I'm sure they don't care about the grades when they propose that..."


"Anyone gonna tell her that’s not how a bribe works??? 🤔"

Some commenters suggested Natash is probably not a real teacher because of how she dresses.

Leaning Into Her Sex Appeal

The "hot" teacher knows her sex appeal and leans into it on her social media. One video showed a typical work outfit vs. what's underneath, and Natasha transformed from a blazer to a skintight nude bodysuit.

One video showed the teacher removing her underwear after her "students leave." The location is her bedroom makes her claims of being a teacher suspicious, alongside the fact that she never posts herself teaching in class.

More About The Hot Teacher

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It wouldn't be shocking to discover Natasha Coldstone is a teacher catfish, as people weave interesting personas for themselves on social media. Being a teacher is one of the most lucrative fodders for viral moments on TikTok.

As for not teaching any kids on camera, the teacher said she's a private tutor for after-school lessons. She also has an Instagram and OnlyFans account where she shares exclusive content with interested followers.

Relieving Stress With OnlyFans

"I teach kids for a living but sometimes I just need a break from all the stress."

Her Instagram bio reads Geography Teacher based in Texas, and she warned her students not to click her OnlyFans link. The educator said she's proud of her extra-curricular activities because it's a way to "heal her inner child." It's typical for children of strict parents to grow up defying the rules that bound them in their childhood, and Natasha isn't different.