Margot Robbie Flaunts Her Abs For 'Vanity Fair' Cover

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Margot Robbie
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Margot Robbie got her big Hollywood break when she gave an outstanding performance in The Wolf of Wall Street. Since then, it was a climbing ladder to fame, but just like snakes and ladders, she had to face the highs and lows of the industry as well. 

Margot Robbie Is 'Vanity Fair’s December/January Cover Star

Vanity Fair took to social media to reveal that Robbie is their cover star for the December/January issue.

In the photograph, she is seen sporting all black while flaunting her abs. Her hair is let down towards the front, capturing her beauty and grace.

Margot Robbie Opens Up About Navigating Fame

Recently, Robbie was in conversation with Vanity Fair and spoke in-depth about what her life is like with such a vast amount of fame.

One of the things she spoke about in-depth was navigating her life around paparazzis. On more than one occasion, she has had to get in touch with close friends and family to clarify a rumor that was printed.

“I know how to go through airports, and now I know who’s trying to f–k me over in what ways.”

In one incident, her mother came across a photograph of hers looking rather upset, and the rumor read that she was crying outside Delevingne’s LA home. However, that was not at all the case!

“I’m outside an Airbnb that I was renting for five days! And I’m not crying!’ I had something in my eye. I’m trying to grab my face mask, trying to hold a coffee cup, and I couldn’t get a hair outta my eye.”

Margot Robbie’s Latest Movie 'Babylon' Received Mixed Reviews

The movie has several Hollywood stars, such as Brad Pitt, newcomer Diego Calva, Tobey Maguire, and Jean Smart.

The first reactions are a mix. While everyone has showered praise on the overall acting and how the characters are portrayed, the movie has been termed “uninsightful” or “demented depravity.”

Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinions about a movie, but if there’s one bit where everyone has a similar opinion, then it’s Margot Robbie’s brilliant performance!

What Is Next For Margot Robbie?

One of Robbie’s movies which the fans are waiting for with excitement is Barbie. It is due for release in the Summer of 2023, where she’s playing the role of Barbie, and Ryan Gosling is playing the role of Ken.

The first looks of the movie have been released, and there’s not one who isn’t excited for what’s coming their way!