Jason Momoa Starrer 'Slumberland' Review: Is It Worth The Watch?

Shuvangi Sen Chaudhury
Jason Momoa's official poster picture as Flip from Slumberland
instagram | Jason Momoa

Netflix released its big budget ($150 Million) feature: Slumberland. It's an adaptation of the comic strip about Little Nemo that was created back in the early 20th century by cartoonist Winsor McCay. 

The comic strip told stories of Little Nemo, who would often visit other worlds in his sleep and embark on adventures as well.

'Slumberland' Changes Some Details

While it's an adaptation, one of the first changes is that, in Slumberland, Little Nemo is not a boy but a girl. Next, how the story is presented to the audience is much different from how it was in the comic strip.

But it's supposed to be different, considering the idea is to produce something unique, even if it's based on another story.

An Overview Of 'Slumberland'

The idea behind Slumberland was to create a fantasy movie for children, but it seems that path has been painstakingly long. 

Jason Momoa, who plays the role of Flip, showcases a different side of himself. Most people are used to Momoa as Aquaman or Conan, so that was a refreshing change of pace. 

However, when it comes to the movie, it wasn't as refreshing as one hoped for. 

The movie revolves around Little Nemo's father's disappearance and her living with her uncle. She meets Flip in her dreams, someone her father often traveled with in his sleep. 

Flip and Little Nemo embark upon a journey to find the pearls that grant wishes. They travel through others' dreams and make their way through adventures in this quest. 

While the locations may be appealing, the act reached a point of exhaustion. 

Jason Momoa committed to the role, but his performance did not hit the mark as expected because of the movie's other aspects.

Finally, considering the length of the movie, the focus shifts from the film to wondering when it'll be over. Ideally, this is not how movies for kids should feel!

Where To Watch 'Slumberland'?

The movie has been released in particular cinemas but will soon be available on Netflix for everyone to watch!

What Is Jason Momoa's Next Project?

Slumberland is yet to be released on Netflix. Jason Momoa has already signed the contract (he did this previously) and started shooting for The Fast and Furious: Fast X movie. Furthermore, he's also preparing to be in a live-action film about Minecraft

It doesn't seem like there's anything that will slow down Jason Momoa, considering he's signing one movie after another!