20 Entitled Kids Who Have A Huge Bill Coming Due From Reality

Collage of entitled social media posts
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Anyone can act entitled: the rich, the poor, parents, kids, and, of course, influencers.

As a parent, how are you supposed to deal with a kid who suddenly starts acting entitled? Results will vary of course, but one way to make yourself feel a little bit better about the situation is to share their entitlement online for the whole world to see.

"Entitled kid complaining they have to eat pizza instead of a nice home cooked meal."

Post complaining about eating pizza for dinner
reddit | LumpyLionezz

Look, I get that Little Caesars isn't exactly the epitome of fine dining, but I just can't imagine a kid getting this steamed over a pizza dinner — particularly when there was a home-cooked meal as an alternative.

"Can I sue my parents?"

Post saying 13th Amendment should cover chores
reddit | [deleted]

For those keeping score at home, the Thirteenth Amendment was kind of a big deal when it was enacted in 1865 because it banned slavery and involuntary servitude. Little did they know that it would be used in the distant future by kids who don't want to do chores.

"Entitled kid jealous of his mom getting a car."

Post complaining about mom buying a car rather than an iPhone
reddit | snowmanfrigs

This shows a classic aspect of childhood naivité. If you know that your house costs somewhere in the six figures and cars cost somewhere in the five figures, why can't your parents just be cool about buying you something in the four-figure range?

"Entitled Girl is mad that her parents are taking her to Disneyland instead of taking her to the mall to buy *MORE* X-Mas presents."

Post from someone who wants to go to the mall rather than Disneyland
reddit | polypolypolydia

If this girl thinks Disneyland is boring, she hasn't been to a dead mall lately. Imagine being steamed that you're not going to be showered with more presents.

"I have no words."

Post complaining about birthday present
reddit | creedthebluefox

It took me a while to edit all of the f-bombs out of this profoundly entitled post. Does this kid not realize that if his parents make $100k-$200k combined, they're probably not in a position to buy him ridiculously expensive birthday presents?

"Oh my god, what a spoiled brat."

Post asking for a free car
reddit | TheFartingKing_56

I like that this person has the budget for a better car, but because their daughter isn't willing to drive one, they're just asking for this group to give them a much nicer car for free.

"Everything wrong with this generation."

Post complaining about not getting a PS5
reddit | MrRajput701

Speaking as someone who somehow managed to secure a PS5 on launch day, let me tell you this: it's basically a PS4, just bigger. It plays the same games and you really have to squint to see a graphical difference.

"Kid thinks he can buy a game, play it for a while then get a full refund."

Game review complains about not getting a refund after playing it
reddit | sub-2-RSLASH-yt

Some game platforms allow users to seek a refund after playing a bit, but these rules don't apply to someone who's played a game enough to get bored with it.

"My son must have a £25k car as a present, it's an EMERGENCY."

GoFundMe to buy a car
reddit | lewwyt

I sincerely hope this GoFundMe got promptly deleted. It isn't the entitlement per se (although it is super annoying), it's the fact that they called this an emergency.

"Strangers wont give my kid Airpods or money?! Thanks for ruining his Christmas!"

Facebook post about kid and mom angry that people won't give him $20 for Christmas
reddit | KetoMyLastHope

This is quite a wild ride. With some kids, you wonder where they got their sense of entitlement from. With others, it becomes crystal clear as soon as you meet their parents.

"He's a good kid, mostly because I stop this as soon as it starts."

Text exchange of kid being selective about getting picked up
reddit | SleepsLikeACat

I like the no-nonsense parenting on display here. I get that this kid wants to spend a little more time there, but I also get that this parent is offering a free ride.

"Spoiled brat wrecks car because it wasn’t the one he wanted."

News article describes son destroying BMW because he wanted a Jaguar
reddit | [deleted]

Here's one of those vague news stories that are impossible to verify and could very well be false. But at the same time, given some of the entitlement we've seen, it isn't too hard to believe that this really happened.

"Sounds like someone needs to either stop playing, or get anger management..."

Posting for 5 TVs broken by son playing Fortnite
reddit | Paradigmfusion

I wonder what it's like to live in this household. Given the fact that this kid's parents apparently buy him a new TV whenever he breaks one, it seems like they're total pushovers.

"Entitled rich kid asks for birthday money."

Post saying birthday gifts must be worth more than $50
reddit | bloodydickens

I don't understand the concept of kids asking fellow kids for valuable birthday presents. I mean, if you're young enough to have no money, your friends are probably in the same boat. Consider yourself lucky if they buy you a candy bar.

"American kid expects discount from a UK seller as an apology for the American Revolution."

Text exchange where user wants cheaper shipping because of American Revolution
reddit | Darkhawk245

This one just might be my favorite on the list. It would be funny enough, just because this kid doesn't get how shipping works, but name-dropping the American Revolution out of the blue just takes things to another level.

"This kid tried to get free GFX."

Text exchange with user trying to coerce another into providing free work
reddit | BraydenSlayer

If I was this graphic designer, I'd give in and make the graphics for the kid at this point. Then I'd insert some kind of hidden meaning or embarrassing graphic into the finished product.

"Some kids are the worst kind of choosing beggars."

Snapchat complaining about getting Airpods instead of Airpods Pro
reddit | SunBlue

When companies release "pro" versions of products to go along with the cheaper base version, they're trying to induce a sense of FOMO that gets people to spend more money. It seems like it's working pretty well.

"Imagine him not getting another one."

Facebook post selling rose gold Macbook
reddit | brolome

This kid does realize that it's the exact same computer aside from the color, right? Is it really that big of a deal to have to settle for a laptop that looks like it's made of solid gold?

"Bumblebee didn’t want to be in their possession."

Green sports car with complaint that it isn't yellow
reddit | [user]

This is the kind of post that I just hope is a joke, because I don't want to imagine a world where a kid is angry after being given this car. I didn't even have a car until I was, like, 30.

"I’d be making the kid pay for it."

Facebook posting showing destroyed trombone
reddit | Paradigmfusion

One important lesson to teach your kids is that, no matter how angry you might be, there's no good reason to smash stuff that isn't yours. There's also no reason to write "band sucks balls," but that's another issue for another day.