Woman Goes Viral For A Super Cringeworthy Wedding Speech

Glasses being raised at a wedding reception
Unsplash | Al Elmes

How much tolerance do you have for cringey stuff? Even if you consider yourself a proper cringe connoisseur, the video of a horrifically awkward wedding speech might force you to look away.

It's a powerful reminder that if you're making a wedding speech, you should keep things basic: praise the couple, make some gentle jokes, and praise them some more. If there's anything to definitely avoid, it's racism.

Weddings are a goldmine of cringe.

Bride and groom kissing at their wedding
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Weddings are a microcosm of all of life's dramas, including the peaks and the valleys: romance, hatred, joy, petty behavior, and scores settled. The fact that alcohol is served at many weddings only accelerates this stuff.

This speech is a trainwreck.

Still of woman giving cringey wedding speech
TikTok | @browneyed_beautee

A video posted to TikTok by @browneyed_beautee gives us an absolute masterclass on what not to do if you're ever tapped to do a wedding speech. It's so breathtakingly awful that it's hard to believe it even happened.

"Like, I'm not going to be racist, you guys, I'm just sayin'..."

Still of woman giving cringey wedding speech
TikTok | @browneyed_beautee

After a standard first minute, the speech quickly goes off the rails with this quote. The expression on the face of the woman in the foreground speaks volumes.

Where's she going with this?

"A little racist" Workaholics gif

The woman then decides to lean into the racism by saying, "I'm gonna be racist," which will surely end well.

From there, she toes the line of being a friend and being a bigot, but concludes, "I love black people."


Comments on a TikTok video about a cringey wedding speech
TikTok | @browneyed_beautee

Eventually, mercifully, after what feels like an hour, the speech wraps up. It's aided by someone who starts clapping. Clapping, of course, can mean two things: either "I agree" or "You've gone on long enough, please, for everyone's sake, wrap it up."

What is even the story here?

Comments on a TikTok video about a cringey wedding speech
TikTok | @browneyed_beautee

Having a rogue wedding guest grab the mic and say something dumb is one thing. But having someone who's scheduled to speak stand up there and deliver a speech this bad? It's hard to figure out.

Here's how the bride reacted.

A follow-up TikTok explains things from the bride's perspective. Like everyone else watching the video, it sounds like the bride froze up from an overdose of secondhand cringe. It's bad enough watching the video, but actually being there would be another thing entirely.

The wedding got back on the rails.

Here's a clip of an actual good speech that was delivered at the same wedding. I can't tell whether this is an incredible wedding speech or an average one, but it's worlds better than the first one that we saw.

Congrats to the happy couple.

No wedding is going to go completely smoothly. That doesn't mean that things are necessarily going to get all weird and racist, but it does mean that guests should expect the unexpected. It looks like the couple is happy enough, so at least the speech didn't ruin their happy day.

Watch the speech, if you dare.

We kept the best (worst?) part until last: the speech itself. It's captioned "⚠️CRINGE WARNING⚠️" and it really isn't kidding, so watch with caution. If you don't have the stomach for cringe content, you might want to give this one a miss.