Brace Yourself: Skinny Eyebrows Are Coming Back To Haunt Us

Sarah Kester
Gwen Stefani with skinny brows
instagram | @gwenstefani

Beauty trends have raised some serious eyebrows over the years.

But none was as polarizing as the '90s trend of skinny eyebrows. It was on almost every celeb back then, from Gwen Stefani to Pamela Anderson to Charlize Theron.

While we wish we could leave the past in the past, it seems that skinny eyebrows are coming back to haunt us.

Brace yourselves!

Now that we're in 2022, there are many beauty trends of decades past that have come back to haunt us.

Low-rise jeans are one. Sydney Sweeney sparked a discussion on this when she showed up to this year's MTV Movie Awards wearing an all-pink glittery micro-mini skirt paired with a super-cropped collared top by Miu Miu.

The skirt hung low on her hips and showed off her toned midriff.

Sydney Sweeney at MTV Awards
Giphy | MTV Movie & TV Awards

While she looked great, it was a trend that not a lot of people feel comfortable pulling off.

This feeling of self-consciousness made people feel wary about the low-rise trend coming back.

"What in the early 2000s is this?" someone commented on a video posted by WhoWhatWear. "Not me thinking this was a throwback post," another wrote.

Woman saying, "I don't like it"
Giphy | Late Night with Seth Meyers

"No shade to beautiful Sydney... but I'm sad we're seeing more of this ULTRA low rise waist and ULTRA flat tummy look again," a user commented.

"So coveted yet unachievable for so many of us with different builds," a third added.

Woman looking in the mirror
Unsplash | Taylor Smith

Many were worried about the pressure women will feel to have a toned stomach in order to rock this trend, which is all valid concerns.

Other trends from decades past that have come back to haunt us include fountainhead, blue eyeshadow overload, and tendrils.

We wish we could end it there, but there's one more beauty trend that's springing up everywhere, and we're not happy about it: skinny eyebrows.

TikTok even introduced a filter to show users what they would look like with it.

Same with bleached brows. But since then, more and more skinny eyebrows have been popping up. And here we thought it was bad to overpluck!

It's just one of the many eyebrow trends the experts have been seeing lately.

Light on a woman's eyebrows
Unsplash | Garin Chadwick

“It’s not the mascara anymore. It’s not the powerful lip. It’s your brow,” New York City- and Los Angeles-based Chanel brow artist Jimena Garcia told Women's Health.

Eyebrows play an important role in a person's look — they frame the face.

Woman moving eyebrows around

“I think people in the '80s didn't necessarily realize the impact the brows have on your face,” Josh Beeler, a brow specialist at Shen Beauty in New York City added.

“When the skinny brow came in, they saw what a transformation it was.”

Now that the skinny eyebrow trend is back in style, he believes that rebellion is partly to blame (or thank, depending on how you feel about the resurgence).

“I think that the skinny brow thing is kind of a rebellion to the fuller brow that everybody’s trying to achieve,” he said.

Woman getting eyebrows threaded
Unsplash | Rune Enstad

He added that it's mainly a younger demographic embracing this trend since they weren't around during it in the '90s.

In addition to looking, well, pretty ridiculous, skinny brows can cause damage.

Beeler explained that repeated trauma to a hair follicle aka lots of tweezing might stop the hair from growing.

So if you want your brows to look on fleek ever again, definitely think twice!