Daniel Craig Has Now Received The Same Honor As James Bond

Alicia D'Aversa
James Bond with Daniel Craig promo shot

Daniel Craig doesn't have much in common with James Bond. One is an actor, one jumps from buildings and shoots at a lot of people. But now, they do actually have something in common. They have both been awarded a prestigious honor by the royal family: the CMG.

Craig has starred as James Bond in five films, starting with Casino Royale and ending his journey with No Time To Die.

Daniel Craig has now received the same honor as his most famous character, James Bond.

daniel craig as james bond holding a gun and looking down at his phone

He was awarded a CMG for his contribution to film and theater. CMG stands for Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George, and it is the same order that James Bond holds. I can't even imagine the kind of pride he must have felt connecting those dots.

Craig can now add this to the list of achievements he has under his belt.

Daniel Craig as James Bond

While he is a rather humble man, I'm sure that he is feeling an enormous sense of pride with this new honor.

I personally am so happy for him! He deserves it!