Madonna Seemingly Comes Out As Gay in New Video

Alicia D'Aversa
madonna holding pink underwear
TikTok | @madonna

Madonna is known for shocking people, sure, but she has always, always, been a steadfast supporter of the LGBT+ community.

But now, the iconic singer is seemingly coming out of the closet herself. The pop star has implied that she is gay in a new TikTok video. Ever since, fans online have been wondering if she'll say more on the matter, but as of right now, she has not.

Madonna has seemingly come out as gay in a new TikTok video.

While holding a pink pair of underwear in the garbage she wrote "If I miss, I'm Gay," on the screen. She then failed to throw the underwear in the garbage, looked very unconcerned, threw her hands up, and playfully walked away.

Fans were praising her in the comment section.

Some also expressed that they were unsurprised, as Madonna was just seen kissing Dominican rapper, Tokischa during New York Fashion Week.

Either way, we are so happy for Madonna, and want nothing but the best for this queen!