Bride Gets Exposed As A Bully During A Wedding Speech

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There are many days in a person's life that they will remember forever. Whether it's a moment from your childhood or from one of those big days in your life, we all have those special memories that will live with us forever. Weddings are a big one.

It's only natural that no matter what the event is, you wouldn't want someone to ruin it for you. Well, unfortunately, that's exactly what happened to one bride on her wedding day. So...she won't exactly be remembering it fondly.

One Reddit user shared that a wedding speech given at her wedding absolutely ruined her wedding day.

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The bride opened up on Reddit about a speech her friend, who she called Jana, gave at her wedding. Apparently, she and Jana were not always the best of friends.

Back in high school, she used to bully Jana a whole lot.

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She shared that she was super insecure in high school and teased Jana a lot. She used to call her the "nerd of the class" because she got really good grades. But, because she teased her, other people joined in.

Eventually, Jana told her to stop.

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"She had confronted me privately about this and I did stop teasing her after that since I got embarrassed. The class probably thought that it was an old joke now and stopped too," she wrote.

Then, during college, they actually became good friends.

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At one of their reunions, they hit it off and they realized that the two of them went to colleges not far from each other, so they ended up spending time together and got close.

When the Reddit user got married, she asked Jana to be a bridesmaid.

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"During the wedding toasts, she recounted the bullying she went through from me, saying 'I can't believe we're friends even though you bullied me all throughout high school,'" she wrote on Reddit.

The bride was taken aback because she thought that they had moved past this, but it got worse.

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"After the toasts, I was hurt and confused but decided to talk to her later because I wanted to enjoy my wedding. But during the party, my sister/MOH came up to me worried, saying that there have been a lot of people asking Jana about the bullying and she was detailing every single thing I said," she wrote.

When the bride confronted Jana, Jana was upset and offended.

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"I replied that it was okay to talk about this, but at least on a different time and situation. She called me an AH for invalidating her feelings because it was true that I bullied her. I ended up crying and she walked out. Now there are rumors that I bullied her again after some people saw Jana walking out," she wrote.

The bride said even her in-laws have been cold to her, accusing her of bullying Jana.

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While the bride's own family feels she is in the right to be upset, many people at the wedding have questioned the bride and also given her the cold shoulder due to the bullying. Some of her friends even say she has to live with the consequences of her past.

Some people felt like Jana was playing the "long game."

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Some Reddit users felt like Jana had saved up all of this anger and waited for the best time to get revenge on the Reddit user for truly bullying her for so many years.

However, some people thought Jana just had resentment.

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"It doesn't sound to me as though Jana was playing some kind of masterful long game, it sounds more like she had lingering unresolved resentment and being back in a situation where OP was queen bee brought it back for her and she just had to scratch that itch," one person added.

Overall, many agreed it was the "wrong venue" to confront the bride.

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Above all, many Reddit users agreed on the same thing. While many people make mistakes in high school, bringing it up at someone's wedding is definitely the wrong time and place to do such a thing.