Here Is The Perfect Peanut Butter And Pickle Sandwich Recipe

Lex Gabrielle
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All over social media, people love to experiment with food and combinations of different flavors. When we hear two things going together that we feel definitely do not go together, we can't stop shaking our heads.

Sometimes, things that sound gross actually turn out to be quite the opposite. And, with so many people giving them raving reviews, we can't really knock it 'til we try it.

Recently, a craze that has taken over social media comes from two beloved snacks and add-ons.

peanut butter
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Peanut butter is a topping and a sandwich add-in that we all can't help but love. Whether it's on a sandwich with jelly or bananas, or even on some apple slices, we love peanut butter.

On the other hand, pickles are a staple of everyone's fridge.

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Pickles are a true love for many people. If you love pickles, you don't just like them on a burger or on the side with a turkey sandwich. Pickle lovers want pickles on basically everything, all of the time.

But, not many people would think to combine the two things.

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Peanut butter is great on its own, as are pickles, but a peanut butter and pickle combination is definitely not something that we would jump to create. In fact, they are two things that hardly ever belong together.

According to TikTok though, we're totally wrong.

People on TikTok began talking about the peanut butter and pickle sandwich and many of them were skeptical. They said it definitely is made up of two things that do not belong together. But, people seem to truly love it.

The more people who tried it, the more we were intrigued.

As more people across social media said that the combo is actually delicious, the more interested we were in exactly where this sandwich even came from and how it got so popular.

Turns out, it stems back to the Great Depression.

the great depression
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Back during the Great Depression when people were trying to save money and cut corners, anything that made a cheap meal was the go-to. Both peanut butter and pickles were pretty inexpensive, so making these sandwiches was a sample.

Others say that it brings forth two cravings in one.

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The whole "pregnancy and pickle" cravings showcases that when we least expect it, delicious combinations can occur when we truly want things. Lee Zalben, founder and president of Peanut Butter & Co said that he had created his own PB&P sandwich for a pregnant customer once and it was a game changer.

With all the craze, we were interested in finding the best way to make it.

In order to make the sandwich the right way, we wanted to find the best recipe out there to make sure it hit the right spot.

All you need are four easy ingredients in order to make the special sandwich.

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Get yourself a really good loaf of bread, preferably white bread. But, make sure it's a good loaf where you can slice it nice and thick.

Next, get creamy peanut butter and your favorite pickles.

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Creamy peanut butter works best on this sandwich. You can opt for sour pickles, half-sour pickles, or bread and butter pickles. Some people say that dill pickles are the ones that work the best on this sandwich.

Last but not least, potato chips.

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The secret ingredient that many people online forget s that you need a little extra crunch. Like, when we were kids and put our chips from lunch on our sandwiches—do it here. The saltiness and the crunchiness give you that level up. Yum!