Bruce Willis Has Sold His Face To AI

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
A scene from The Sixth Sense.
IMDb | Buena Vista Pictures

In a surprising step towards the future, retired Hollywood legend Bruce Willis has sold his likeness to an AI company that intends to create a digital version of him to star in future movies.

The incorporation of AI into mainstream media seems to be growing larger and larger, with bigger names continuing to hop on board. What this means, well, we'll just have to wait and see.

Earlier this year, Bruce Willis was diagnosed with aphasia.

Aphasia is an illness that affects communication and had developed so severely that he retired from acting.

For those who worried they'd miss seeing him in movies, you might not have to.

He just sold his likeness to a deepfake company.

A scene from The Sixth Sense.
IMDb | Buena Vista Pictures

To deepfake someone is to create a digital likeness of them using a map of their face, often leading them to be incredibly realistic.

It's not the first time deepfaking has been used in movies. The technology is more often utilized to make an actor appear younger or older, even bringing back actors who have passed.

Willis is the first to formally sell the rights to his likeness over like this.

He sold it to a company called Deepcake, who's worked with him in the past and already made a digital version of him for a commercial.

In a statement on the company's website, Willis wrote, "I liked the precision of my character. It’s a great opportunity for me to go back in time. The neural network was trained on content of 'Die Hard’ and ‘Fifth Element,’ so my character is similar to the images of that time."

He thinks it's a wonderful development.

A still from 'Survive The Game'.
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"With the advent of the modern technology, I could communicate, work and participate in filming, even being on another continent. It’s a brand new and interesting experience for me, and I am grateful to our team."

He's also not the only actor doing this.

A still from Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith.
IMDb | Lucasfilm

Very recently, James Earl Jones announced he'd be retiring from playing Darth Vader in any future Star Wars projects. He sold his voice to an AI company called Respeecher, who can now make one of the most iconic villains of all time say whatever they want.

It's an interesting trend to say the least, and one we'll have to keep an eye on it see if it revolutionizes the world of cinema.

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