People Share The Things Nobody Should Cheap Out On

Ashley Hunte
Sometimes, you have to spend big bucks to get something done right.
Unsplash | Alexander Grey

When it comes to saving money, there are a lot of ways you can cut down on spending. But there are other things that you should never cheap out on, even if they cost a small fortune.

With that in mind, these Reddit users shared the things they think we should never cheap out on (even if it's a little tempting to do so).

"Tires. It's the only thing holding your 2000 lb metal cage to the ground at 70mph." - Perpetually_isolated

Cars are huge and heavy, and need good tires to run well.
Unsplash | Campbell

Well, when you put it that way, that's probably the most sound advice we'll hear all day. All week, even.

"Dental Care." - Random_puns

A perfectly normal dental cleaning room that isn't terrifying at all.
Unsplash | Atikah Akhtar

As horribly expensive as dental care can be, it's actually really important. Like, if you don't want to lose all your teeth before you even retire, you should pay the dentist a visit every now and then.

"Legal advice." - nargles18

Good lawyers cost more for a reason.
Unsplash | Tingey Injury Law Firm

Another user added, "Not hiring a good lawyer can be so much more expensive than the actual bill you pay for your legal advice."

If you need a lawyer for any reason, you'll probably save more money just hiring a good one from the jump.

"Laser corrective eye surgery." - General-Ad-9753

The last thing you ever want is a "cheap" doctor performing eye surgery on you.
Unsplash | Olga Guryanova

"I remember some tv ads a few years ago saying 'come to Generix (or whatever they were called). Prices from only £399 per eye.'

"I don’t know how much it should cost, but I don’t want to save money on people cutting parts of my eyes open with lasers. I don’t want the sale price. I want to pay."

"Tools. Buy cheap tools once. If you use it enough to wear it out or break it, buy the nicest version of that tool you can afford." - stratospaly

It's important to keep a set of good tools at home, because you never know when you might need them.
Unsplash | Kenny Eliason

Also sound advice. Don't buy a huge, expensive set of tools if you aren't going to be using all of them a lot (but buy nice ones of the tools you do use).

"Steel cap boots. You buy them from Kmart, your feet won't last two weeks on a construction site." - dw87190

Two people wearing work boots, which are essential for any construction/warehouse job.
Unsplash | Lucas Ludwig

Cheap safety equipment of any kind is a huge no-no. Safety comes before anything else, which means investing in good PPE.

"The PSU in your computer." - NoSun69

The inside of a custom built computer.
Unsplash | Onur Binay

If you're ever going to build a computer, don't cheap out on any of the parts, but especially not the power unit. The thing that provides power to everything else needs to be good, or it'll cause the whole thing to fall apart!

"Running shoes, I'm suffering from years of cheap runners." - AdaParksHY

Good shoes can be the difference between comfort and pain when exercising or even just walking around.
Unsplash | Dulcey Lima

Another user said, "I messed up my knees cause of cheap shoes. Finally invested in a good pair of actual running shoes and my knees have been very thankful for it. Especially as you get older, this is more important."

"Tattoos! I don’t really care how good of a deal you got on your new monstrosity." - EnriqueJohnstonDE

Tattoos are permanent, so make sure the one doing yours knows what they're doing.
Unsplash | Allef Vinicius

On that note, it's probably also a good idea to make sure the person tattooing you is actually qualified...

"Bin Bags. Unless you want the bottom of your bin to have a sprinkling of waste." - Massive_Size_9593

Garbage bags are pretty important, too.
Unsplash | Trinity Nguyen

Sure, the cheap bags might be compostable, but there are better ones that don't break after a few hours that are still compostable.

"Electronics, don't buy the most expensive, but if you buy cheap it will die in a couple of weeks buy the middle, it usually provides the most quality with least price." - coolguy4376

Cheap electronics are kind of bad, but super expensive ones are pretty unnecessary.
Unsplash | Jonas Leupe

A bought a mid-tier UHD TV around four years ago, and it works just as well as it did the day I bought it.

"Toilet paper." - foofoofum

One ply paper really shouldn't exist.
Unsplash | Erik Mclean

If you've ever had to use 1-ply paper, then you probably know how much of a difference the slightly more expensive stuff makes. You use it on a pretty sensitive area, so you might as well make it good.

"Bicycles. The good ones are pricey for a reason." - salazarboxing

Biking has become pretty popular these days.
Unsplash | Murillo de Paula

This is especially true if you use your bike a lot. It's probably better to buy one that'll last you years, decades even, than to buy one that'll fall apart after a year or two of use.

"Major pieces of furniture- sofa, bed, mattress, wardrobe/dresser/chest of drawers." - juanzy

Good quality furniture will literally last for generations.
Unsplash | Julian Hochgesang

"Those are usually heavily price-quality correlated. You don’t have to buy expensive statement pieces for everything but make sure the brand you’re buying is durable and understand that might require an extra buck."

"Home improvements. The licensed, insured, educated contractor is well worth 2-3x the cheap bid every single time." - Sufficient-Step6954

A house in the midst of renovations.
Unsplash | Stefan Lehner

There are a lot of things you can DIY, which will definitely offset the cost of a good contractor when you need one.

"Batteries. Duracell or Energizer ONLY. ALL generic batteries are completely worthless trash." - douchewang

There's really no point in buying off-brand batteries for any reason.
Unsplash | Claudio Schwarz

"The ONLY exception to this rule is if you buy something that comes with a remote and they give you batteries for the remote, those batteries will last almost forever in THAT remote, but only in that remote."

"A good chef’s knife. Doesn’t matter what style it is. Get yourself a quality piece, take care of it well and it will become an heirloom." - parallelcompression

Chefs use quality knives for a reason, and home cooks should, too.
Unsplash | Jason Jarrach

Look, once you get a good quality chef's knife, there's no going back.

"Plastic surgery. It’s amazing how many people let someone take a knife to their face because they’re cheaper than other doctors." - PhillyCyn

If you're going to get plastic surgery, invest in a good surgeon at the very least.
Unsplash | Joeyy Lee

I'm not gonna judge anyone who decides they want to get work done, but if you're going to change something about your face or body, make sure the person who does it isn't going to completely ruin you.

"Mattress. Good sleep is one of the most valuable things." - indianemployee

Getting good sleep is something we need to prioritize a lot more.
Unsplash | Ty Carlson

Agreed 100%. My life changed when I bought my new mattress.

We spend anywhere from a third to half our lives in bed, so you might as well make sure yours is comfortable.

"A belt. Nothing better in the world than a good, solid, well-crafted belt made of thick leather. You’ll never need a new one." - Acheron98

If the quality of your belt is good, you pretty much only need one.
Unsplash | L S

Another user added, "I have over a dozen belts but I pretty much exclusively wear the good, comfortable black leather one."