Man Hit By Lightning While Playing Video Games In Living Room

Sarah Kester
Aiden in hospital bed
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They say the safest place to be when it’s lightning is inside. 

But what if you were sheltered inside and still got struck by lightning? Such is the case for Aidan Rowan AKA the unluckiest man alive

The Oxfordshire man was just minding his own business, playing video games on his couch, when he got stuck, leaving him with scars ⁠— and a wicked story to tell.

The world is filled with some seriously unlucky people. 

Man with wall in front of him at game
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There’s this guy who had the best seat in the house. And you thought the nosebleed section was bad?!

This man is bound to get a neck injury from having to move his neck to the side the whole time just to see. 

It's been said that this woman is still washing her mouth out with soap. 

She’s washing it out with soap because she accidentally ate soap AND because of the horrible swear words that came out of her mouth after realizing that she had just eaten soap. That aunt in Maine was just looking for trouble!

This person has a lot of explaining to do. 

It doesn’t help that 4/20 happens in the spring when allergy season is in full swing. This person will have a lot of explaining to do to their boss and their parents. “IT’S JUST ALLERGIES!” Riiiiiight. 

This price change is absurd.

Flight price change
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Damn! That’s a no from us, dawg. This is what happens when you try to book a last-minute Christmas flight. It’s safe to say that this person will be spending Christmas alone. They did not have luck on their side.

This last-ditch attempt at getting an A (heh)

In the professor’s defense, the student probably had nothing better to do than sit there and wait for the tow truck. 

We only WISH we had dedicated group members like this in university. It usually goes like this: one or two people do all the work while everyone else slacks off. 

And now we come to a man who was struck by lightning while he was playing video games. 


Aidan Rowan, a 33-year-old from Oxfordshire, was using his PlayStation at home when he heard a loud crack and then a heavy sensation in his body. 

“There was a very loud crack of thunder and I sort of felt a very heavy sensation all over and then a searing heat in my right arm where there are now burns,” he told 'Metro.'

Aiden in hospital bed
Metro | Metro

In a twist of irony, the video game he was playing was called Stray. It’s a game where you control a lost cat in a thunderstorm. 

But while cats supposedly have nine lives, we only have one.

Cat in window
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“It took about a minute to come back to my senses, I felt very, very confused. I went upstairs and asked my husband for a wet towel as I didn’t know what had happened but my arm was burning," he told Metro.

He continued: “He asked what that smell was and it was me burning. He then called his parents to take me to the hospital. He said he could see my arm blistering as he watched.”

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When they got to the hospital and they said that Aidan was struck by lightning, everyone in the waiting room turned to look at him. 

“I was rushed through to an assessment room and they said it does look like it was a lightning strike. Nine doctors from different departments came to look at me and I was put on a heart monitor and had some blood tests.”

Unsplash | Brandon Morgan

His heart rate was erratic. It took four hours before it leveled out and he was allowed to go home. 

He’s lucky that the scary experience only left him with a series of scars on his left arm and a ‘starburst’-shaped burn on his right hand. 

It could’ve all been so much worse. 

As for how he was stuck in his living room, doctors believe that the lightning “bounced off the water and through the window.” This was after hot temperatures made the ground hard and rainwater sat on top.

Does this mean that he has superpowers now?!

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