18 Times An Old, Ruined Piece Was Restored To Its Former Glory

Kasia Mikolajczak
black painted cabinet and restored to original
reddit | Reddit | u/Cristi57875

The pandemic brought out the creative side in people as many folks got trapped in their houses over extended periods. And because of that, a lot of them attempted to DIY. Well, as it turns out, that's not always a great idea.

Lately, we have seen an abundance of terrible makeovers where people ruined a perfect piece with some crazy ideas. So now, there's a counter-movement on Reddit called "Reverse Pinterest," where people try to restore things to their former glory. Let's check it out.

This Vintage Console

split screen of vintage console painted white and turned back into its old color
reddit | Reddit | u/SusieOPath

Get this. Somebody dared to turn this awesome vintage console white. I mean, what? Why? It doesn't even look pretty like that. So this lucky person turned it back to the way it looked originally, and I say good for them. It's quite nice, huh?

This Sad Cabinet

cabinet painted brown and restored to its original color
reddit | Reddit | u/The3rdLeonard

Is it just me, or does this brown color look hideous to you too? Ugh! I wouldn't be able to stand looking at it, haha. So I'm glad somebody rescued this piece and brought it back. That's much better. Am I right?

This Weird Makeover

painted Brasilia II petite buffet and restored version
reddit | Reddit | u/midcenturymistres

Yikes, the person who painted this Brasilia II petite buffet blue is of questionable taste. At least, that's what I think of this makeover here. I definitely like it a ton more now that it got brought to the way it was before. It's so classic.

This Beautiful Restoration

table painted white and restored to original brown
reddit | Reddit | u/Mike_Michaelson

Okay, what is it with everyone painting everything white, huh? I just don't get that. Look at this gorgeous table here. It looked so beautiful before, and then somebody ruined it by painting it white. I love how it got restored here, though.

This Fantastic Idea

collage of table restored to its original version
reddit | Reddit | u/CobraMarmalade

Speaking of tables that got the short end of the stick. Check out what somebody did to this lucky find here. They totally flipped it on its head and used it correctly. Isn't that so much better, or what? It definitely makes more sense now and they can even use the magazine rack. I really love that.

This Lovely Dresser

dresser painted gray and restored to original wood grain
reddit | Reddit | u/LaneyWynne

Why is everyone afraid of wood, haha? I think it's so lovely. Instead, these misguided people grab a can of paint and go to town. Here's a dresser that's the perfect example of what looks good and what doesn't. Do you agree with me on that?

This Hideous Piece

hideous makeover of credenza and the piece restored
reddit | Reddit | u/mlkandtoast

OMG! What in the heck was the person who painted over this dresser thinking? It looked like a poor man's tuxedo, lol. Who knew this beauty was hiding under all that awful paint? Now, this dresser deserves its place in the spotlight. Ta-da!

This Amazing Recovery

Oval table painted over and restored back to original
reddit | Reddit | u/Antiquarryian

"The abuse is finally over." That's what the person who restored this piece said on Reddit, haha. And I totally agree with that. Who in their right mind would think that this looked better than the original? I don't get that. This original wood is so pretty and shiny too.

This Switcheroo

Johnson Carper Ronda painted jade and restored to original wood
reddit | Reddit | u/Snail-Party

Even though I don't completely hate this jade paint job over the Johnson Carper Ronda, I still prefer the original wood version. It's not one of the most butchered DIYs I've seen, but I'm glad somebody decided to restore it. What do you think?

This Professional Restoration Job

white painted credenza and restored to wood version
reddit | Reddit | u/not2shabbytabby

The person who bought this used piece must've seen its potential. So they took it to a professional to have it restored. And boy, am I glad that they did so. Doesn't it look fabulous now? I hope they treasure it forever.

This Original Timber

white painted dresser and restored back to timber
reddit | Reddit | u/kombilyfe

Who knew that a beauty like this was hiding under three coats of white paint and one coat of green? Oh, my goodness. Needless to say, I'm very impressed with this restoration job here. I would love to have this piece in my home, that's for sure.

These Reclaimed Dining Room Chairs

chairs painted over and restored to original
reddit | Reddit | u/jbty7

Whoa! If these chairs could talk, huh? I wonder what they would say about being painted over like that. Thankfully, somebody had the right mindset to return them to how they should look, and now I absolutely love them.

This Amazing Cabinet

cabinet painted black and restored to original wood grain
reddit | Reddit | u/Cristi57875e

Is it just me, or does that black chalky paint look so cheap? The color just dimmed the light from this stunning piece here. I'm so glad somebody had the idea to restore it to its former glory. It's so pretty now, no?

This Tacky Paint Job

neon blue credenza vs. restored to wood grain
reddit | Reddit | u/Unpurified-Water

Holy moly! Why do some people insist on painting furniture over with some tacky neon paint color? This blue here is killing my eyes, lol. I'm sure this wasn't easy, but I'm happy somebody rescued this piece from dying in shame.

This Rescue Job

dresser painted black and restored to original cherry wood version
reddit | Reddit | u/jormaco 6

"I bought this off Facebook for $10; after some paint stripping, sanding & staining, this is the end result!"

Oh, wow! I'm super impressed with how this turned out. I definitely prefer this pretty cherry wood stain to the crappy paint job.

This First-Time Restoring Attempt

dark blue painted cabinet vs original wood grain
reddit | Reddit | u/gourmet_croutons

What if I told you that this person never restored anything in their life? Would you believe me? Oh, yeah. That's right. This was their very first attempt at restoring a furniture piece, and I think they did a wonderful job. I really love it now.

This Saved Table

table painted in mosaic and restored to original wood
reddit | Reddit | u/sevem

I will never be able to understand why someone would cover a perfectly beautiful wood structure with any kind of paint. I know tastes are not up for debate, but still. Ugh, I can't even look at that poor attempt at a mosaic, haha.

This Thrift Store Rescue

old clock painted blue and restored to original
reddit | Reddit | u/Nayiru

What monster would try to destroy a beautiful clock like this one? I'll never understand that. I don't know about you, but I'm fascinated with old-school clocks like that. And now I like it even more. What a fantastic restoration job, huh?

Aren't these rescue jobs amazing or what?

Scary Spice saying "That was brilliant, brilliant."
Giphy | NBC

What would convince somebody to cover up a perfectly gorgeous wood is beyond me. I know people might get bored with their home decor, but that's still not a reason to butcher wonderful pieces of furniture like these ones. Am I right? Which makeover appealed to you the most? I would love to know.