20 Pics That Tickled Us In Just The Right Spot

Ashley Hunte
A stack of letters, each containing a check.
reddit | Deezul_AwT

Every now and then, a picture or story will just hit different. Something about it will feel so right, in a way that's kind of hard to explain.

Well, these pictures give off that kind of feeling. Whoever took them may not have known that they'd have the whole internet enthralled, but that just goes to show you to expect the unexpected.

"My company is sending work from home employees new laptops. I somehow ended up with all of them."

A porch with an absurd number of boxes on it.
reddit | Ihatemylife8

This is somehow both incredibly satisfying and incredibly stressful. As someone who loves getting packages in the mail, I can't decide if this is a dream come true, or nothing but a nightmare.

"I bought approx. 450 DVD for $50 aud. That's equal to 11 cents per DVD."

Folders and boxes of DVDs.
reddit | GameZedd01

This kind of picture is filling me with so much nostalgia. I remember putting a bunch of DVDs in those folders and just flipping through them all, having no idea what to watch.

"More fly agaric mushrooms than trees in Augsburg, Germany."

A field full of trees and white and orange mushrooms.
reddit | zherper

This legit looks like something out of a fairy tale, or a fantasy movie or something. It's basically impossible for a bunch of mushrooms like these ones to not look magical.

"My little sand boa hanging out in his castle. Looks like he has a smile on his face to me."

A small snake sitting in a tank with a skull decoration.
reddit | oicu812buddy

From the tiny, smiling snake, to the (hopefully fake) skull décor, everything about this picture just feels really right. For some reason.

"I made this illusion rug. Banana for scale."

An optical illusion rug with a banana on top of it.
reddit | jmcman55

These kinds of rugs make absolutely no sense, and yet they're so hard to hate. I love how the banana basically just looks like it's floating on top of a void.

"I work at an animal shelter and someone brought in two baby flying squirrels."

A hand holding a tiny baby flying squirrel.
reddit | EmilyKauai

It's kind of amazing how this tiny, hairless baby rodent with little gliders is actually so cute. According to OP, both of them are doing pretty well.

"The owner of this house in Vancouver, Canada made an interesting style choice."

A purple house with palm trees and a Moai head statue.
reddit | TonyClifton323

It's somewhere between 90s Nickelodeon and Florida beach home. It's pretty tacky and weird, and yet a part of me whishes I lived in a house like this.

"Cat in Paris."

A picture of a cat photoshopped in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
reddit | safiyo2

Yes, the cat is photoshopped into the picture. But you know what? I kind of don't care. It's still a pretty neat, adorable, and somewhat comical pic. Like, it's hitting all the right notes.

"Went to a movie premiere last night and got this pic."

A theater full of people holding signs that read, "smile" and resemble crude smiles.
reddit | asurance55

I think the best part about this picture is the fact that you can tell that all of those movie-goers are actually smiling underneath those little "smile" sign things.

"Not a bad view from the remote office today."

A worker working outdoors, with a laptop and a Red Bull.
reddit | secondbanana7

You've just got to love having the ability to work from wherever you want in the world. Sure, an office is nice too. But a view like this definitely hits different.

"Found this at the 'Meet the Teacher' night at my daughter's high school. Some legends never die."

That special S, written on a school desk.
reddit | Saboteurnado

I love the fact that basically every living generation knows about this S, but no one talks about it with their kids or parents. It really is legendary.

"Me and my mother found this humongous tree."

A really cool, really big tree.
reddit | Makrand99

Sometimes, you really just need to stop and appreciate a random, huge tree you just found. Because let's be real, trees are just so cool. All of them. No exceptions.

"This Taxi Driver In NYC Looks Just Like Albert Einstein."

A man who looks shockingly like Albert Einstein.
reddit | TheGodus

The best part about this is the fact that the taxi driver agreed to make that exact facial expression for a pic. But man, they really do look alike, don't they.

"Thanks for the push notification, Siri - that’s exactly what I needed in that moment."

The warning might have been good in any other circumstance, but there's pretty much nothing you can do about the volume of your baby's cries. If only getting them to stop were so easy...

"My 7yo has popped across the road to the care home to read to the residents."

This is insanely wholesome. The way all those residents are sitting there, and looking so invested in what the kid is reading. It just melts my heart.

"Uhhh… Leo’s face is on the Titanic Memorial along the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail."

Wow, he really is the kind of the world. Or something.

Why do I feel like this isn't the first time someone's put Leonardo DiCaprio's face on that statue...

"My daughter found a large submarine on the beach."

A child sitting on a submarine that's mostly buried in a beach.
reddit | The_Revolutionary

I mean, it's not every day you just... come across a whole submarine that's been mostly buried in the sand. I don't know how to describe just how surreal this pic is.

"It's perfect."

Okay, but having a Halloween-themed wedding actually sounds like a lot of fun. Who needs to go with all the boring old traditions of an expensive wedding, when you could just decorate with skulls and cobwebs instead?

"We have this gorgeous underwater themed portable X-ray machine. Its nickname is 'Finding Pneumonia.'"

Everything about this is absolutely amazing. From its nice décor to its incredibly clever name, it seems like something that kids would find really comforting during a hospital visit.

"Asked for a refund on college loan payments - I received 63 separate checks."

A stack of letters, each containing a check.
reddit | Deezul_AwT

Okay, so it might be really tedious to deposit each one of these checks. But holding a stack of checks is also a pretty good way to make yourself feel rich, just for a little bit.