Woman Swears By Strange Pre-Drinking Hack To Avoid Hangover

Sarah Kester
Nicole drinking a cocktail
TikTok | @nicollemerrilyne

A lot has been created to prevent horrible hangovers. There are supplements you can take, IVs bag you can stick in your arm, and hangover patches. 

But what if all you needed all this time was a protective aura? Seriously. A psychic medium has gone viral on TikTok for swearing by her strange pre-drinking hack to avoid a hangover.

If we could look into a crystal ball before a night of drinking, we’d see ourselves the next day, hungover in bed and clutching a bottle of Gatorade. 

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When Nicolle Merrilyne, a psychic medium, looks into her crystal ball, she sees something else: her fresh as a daisy. 

How does she do it? Through healing, of course! 

Is there any other way? 

In her viral video, the self-professed “healer and spiritual mentor” wrote that “alcohol loosens your energetic boundaries and opens your crown chakra.” This is located at the top of your head.

According to her, this makes you more susceptible to negative entities.

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“This is why sometimes people act like a totally different person when they drink or feel like something ‘took them over.’”

And here we thought it was the 10 tequila shots we took!

Although Nicolle doesn’t drink very often, she does three things before drinking whenever she does. 

Nicolle drinking coffee
TikTok | @nicollemerrilyne

Step one: she protects herself (and her crown) by placing a protective shield or rose around her aura. 

Does this also ward off creepy guys at the bar?

“An easy way to do this is to say, “SHIELDS UP” then visualize a protective shield of white or gold lining your aura," she said in her video.

Spencer with a crystal
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Another option is to create a protective rose, which is her favorite. “Simply close your eyes and visualize a rose at the edge of your aura."

“Simply close your eyes and visualize a rose at the edge of your aura," she said.

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"Let the rose match your vibration by writing your name on it or sending it your energy from your heart.” The rose will protect you while you drink by directing negative energy away.

She likes to keep it above her crown. 

Nicolle with her arms wide
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Step two: she makes sure to “ground” the drink and clear out anyone else’s energy and any negative energy. According to her, the reason for this is that “we absorb energy like sponges."

"Think about if your bartender got a parking ticket, their frustrated energy could be in your drink that you then absorb and carry," she said.

Woman chugging cocktail
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To ground a drink, visualize a “grounding cord growing out from the bottom of any drink all the way down to the core of the earth.”

"From there I'll bring three gold suns - a psychic tool - through the top of the drink and out through the grounding cord.”

"I set the intention of the gold suns to clear out any energy that is not my own or of my highest and greatest good."

Step three: she sets the intention for drinking and sends it into the drink while “stirring three times to the left.” 

This is starting to sound a little close to home to the film, Get Out

She says to repeat this process for each drink you take. Basically, this means that your friends will be waiting a while for you to do an Instagram boomerang with them.

Given that this method is, well, wacky, many people weren't convinced.

"Is this a joke??" one asked. "This isn’t satire?" a second asked. Some, however, found it helpful.

"You know what’s crazy? I started doing this when I consume and alcohol and honestly it’s so different!"