Bride Breaks Down After Her Receiving Her Father's Wedding Gift

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It's every father's dream to watch their little girl get married to the love of their life. Having your daughter find her soulmate and being able to share the special day when they say "I do," is so special to dads.

They feel as though they are giving away their daughters to a new man, allowing her to have a new guy in their life. Many dads want to ensure that the night is very memorable and special.

Typically, at weddings, the father of the bride gives a speech.

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Usually, the speech is delivered by the head of the bride's family, her father. He usually toasts his daughter, new son-in-law, and even their families that they are now combining.

Some fathers like to do special things for their children at their wedding.

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For weddings, some parents choose to do surprises and special things for their kids in order to make their day memorable and so that their children will look back with tears and joy.

One father recently went viral for his surprise for his daughter on her wedding day.

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At her wedding, Nicole Cortez's father decided to get up and surprise her by singing a song for her. Now, not many fathers would want to get up in front of that many people and sing.

However, the way in which he sang was special.

Dad Signing song at wedding
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The difference was that her father "signed" the song, rather than singing with his words. Nicole is a sign language interpreter, so deciding to sing to her in this way was incredibly moving.

It's impossible to ignore how touched Nicole is in the video.

Bride crying over dad's gift
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As her father signed through the song, "I loved her first," Nicole was crying the entire time. I don't blame her, I'm pretty sure that I would be just as much of a mess as her!

Even her husband was in tears!

couple crying over wedding gift from father
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Throughout the video, while the videographer cuts to the couple on their special day, not only is Nicole crying, but her husband is also shedding a few tears. We love a sentimental man!

People online were also touched.

The video, originally published in 2012 from Nicole's wedding, has been seen over 29 million times on YouTube. People from all over the world shared how incredible it was to witness this special moment.

Many said this was "fatherhood in action."

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Many online commented on the video saying that if there was a definition of fatherhood, this would be it. This is a father who goes above and beyond to connect with their child and make them feel special.

Some dads admitted that the video made them realize they have to step up their own game.

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"My wife sent this to me and as the fortunate father of a wonderful daughter (like your father) I can't tell you how touching I found this.  I also realize that I will really need to step up my game for the day my daughter weds," shared one dad on YouTube.

One person said it's the most beautiful version of the song they've ever seen.

so beautiful

"This is yet the most beautiful version of the song. It resonates to all the brides' hearts how heartfelt this national anthem of their fathers sung in the most eventful time of their lives. Very, very beautiful rendition," shared the YouTube user.

It's clear to see, Nicole's dad wins all of our hearts.

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From the thousands of comments and tears shed over his signing of the touching song, it's easy to see that anyone who watches this video knows that Nicole's dad is a special person.