Wife Finds Out That Husband Of 25 Years Has A Secret Family

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After being 25 married for 25 years, you’d think that you know everything about your partner. 

But one poor woman got the surprise of her life when she discovered that her husband has a secret family. 

His double life could only be kept hidden for so long. Now that she knows, she’s shared her story online, and it’s getting plenty of shocked reactions. 

This poor woman shared her story to Reddit’s “Off My Chest” community.

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Here, users can reveal personal things that have been weighing on them. She began by sharing her heartache over her husband, “her rock” having an affair for over 17 years. 

“We have been married for over 25 years,” she wrote. 

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“We have 3 beautiful children, two in college and one who still lives at home. But turns out, he’s had another set this whole time.”

This has been possible because her husband is an insurance broker who has multiple branches all over the country.

His schedule is set as a week on, followed by a week off.

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During his time off, he’s been with his other family in Albuquerque, where the other branch is located. “He’s got a fiancé, whom he has 2 kids with, both in their early teens.” 

She found out in the most devastating way: on Facebook. 

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“I went to make a new facebook account, and when i searched my husbands first name, another profile, with another last name popped up, and through that profile were the links to his fiancé’s and his other kids facebooks.”

She knows that her husband is currently with the other family since his most recent post is a photo of him and the other family eating dinner. 

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“Among those photos were photos of him kissing the girl, and him being fatherly with kids who look nearly identical to my husband.” 

Understandably, she’s completely heartbroken.

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“Almost every part of me wants to scream in his face, and reprimand him for ruining my life.”

Here’s the real kicker, though: there’s a part of her that wants to pretend to be ignorant and let it be. 

“Because our life is peaceful, he’s good with our kids, he’s the main source of financial income, he’s loving, but he’s also all those things to another family."

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She’s worried that she’d be opening pandora's box, both for her family and this other one. 

She doesn’t quite know what to do, which is probably why she took her major dilemma to Reddit. 

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She may not know what to do, but strangers on the internet certainly have advice.

"If it were me, I’d screenshot his other FB profile and any texts you can find. Any proofs. Then visit a good divorce attorney. Take half the funds," one wrote.

"I'm not a therapist but if it make you feel any better: it's not you who will ruin anything by calling him out, its HIM that caused this, and no one else," another shared."

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"The damage is done," they added. She was advised not to look leave her home.

"Get your receipts (depending on the state, you might not even need them) and make an appt with a lawyer today" someone else commented.

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"Maybe even change the locks depending on your legal advice. But don’t leave." After the shock of it all wear off, the wife did just that.

Since her post went viral, she provided an update stating that she has hired an attorney.

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She also told the other woman about the man's double life. He's now staying in a hotel while the situation gets sorted.

We're wishing this woman all the best!

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