20 Wannabe Influencers Whose Entitlement Is Making Us Cringe

Ashley Hunte
A woman taking a phone selfie while at her computer; an action many influencers partake in pretty often.
Unsplash | Mateus Campos Felipe

Social media influencers are a breed of their own. Sure, a lot of them have actual influence on tens of thousands (and even hundreds of thousands) of followers. But there are a lot more who just blow a lot of hot air.

Especially when they try to use their "status" to get free stuff from small businesses. Like these influencers, that kind of attitude just reeks of entitlement.

"I took some advice that were given after posting the conversation I had with a TikTok 'influencer' yesterday. This is what the first person I made the offer to said."

An exchange between an "influencer" and a business. The influencer decided that anything more than 100% off a product was too expensive.
reddit | dakotaraptors

Some influencers don't seem to understand the concept of paying money for things, which is just baffling.

"My mum is an artificial florist and had an 'influencer' with 70k followers ask for free wedding flowers for exposure."

An email exchange between a person who wanted free flowers from an artificial florist.
reddit | PepperBundle

I dunno, I feel like approaching a business and asking for free things in exchange for "exposure" is a really strange way to try and collaborate with them.

"Free 5 star hotel please."

A Facebook post where a person is asking for a free 1 week stay at a 5 star hotel in Mexico.
reddit | cree340

I feel like even the most famous people (like, actual celebrities and not influencers) would pay for their expensive hotel stays. I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume this person got no bites.

"'Popular Influencer' asks if someone is willing to build the 2nd floor of his for Free, in exchange for Exposure."

A post in Tagalog language where a person is asking for a builder to build their house for free.
reddit | Yakibi

OP graciously translated the text for us non-Filipino people:

"Beggar:' Good evening. I am asking if some of you guys know a contractor that can build the floor of my house as shown in the picture? Maybe we can collab and have an X deal. We will make a video to promote your business.'"


"Influencer wants free food because her staff is on leave."

An influencer asking for people to "collab" with her by giving her free food.
reddit | maruperu

Maybe I'm just old now, but since when is getting someone to cook for you in exchange for an Instagram video a collaboration?

Also, it's amazing how there are people out there who are busier than her, and still manage to find time to cook.

"I’ll charge you to do something for me."

An influencer asking a picnic organizer for free stuff, and trying to charge them for exposure.
reddit | mishelly1986

The sheer audacity of this influencer is unreal. Not only do they want free stuff, but they want money from the business, too. Beggars can't be choosers, but they really try it sometimes.

"'Exposure doesn’t pay the bills, my guy.'"

An influencer asking for free tattoos from someone who has more followers than they do.
reddit | rafasgjhdi

This dude isn't even asking for a free tattoo. He's asking for free sleeves. Like, plural! From someone with way more followers than him. I can't tell if these people are actually this delusional or if it's all one big joke.

"A YouTuber who reviews products asked a person making a FULLY FUNCTIONING IRONMAN SUIT for free. The product is listed at 10k but why pay when you’re an *influencer.*"

A person who seriously thinks he can get a 10k Iron Man suit replica for free.
reddit | scarface756

I don't know who needs to hear this, but never give away free stuff or services for "shout outs."

"Pay ME for exposure."

A person charging $5 to get someone else to make art for them.
reddit | GingerAy

I wonder how many people have actually given this person money to post their artwork. Because anyone who has would've fallen for the fattest scam on the planet. Hopefully most artists have more sense than that, though.

"Influencer asks a rescue group for dogs for a free puppy of their choice, in exchange for exposure on Instagram."

A person asking a dog rescue group for a free puppy in exchange for exposure.
reddit | Ski2Alps

Maybe it's just a hunch, but I feel like anyone who asks for a free dog for any reason, shouldn't have a dog to begin with.

"Influencer wants personal song written plus one hour set at wedding for free."

An influencer asking someone to write them a song for free for a wedding.
reddit | definitelymaybe22

If you really don't want to pay for music for your wedding, just set up a phone to some speakers and play a Spotify playlist. Problem solved.

"I'm a InFlUeNcEr so do you want ExPoSuRe?"

An influencer asking for free shoes in exchange for exposure.
reddit | Anish_OnFire

I feel like it's the smaller influencers who are more delusional than anyone else. Imagine thinking you're entitled to free stuff when you only average a few thousand views. Like, that's completely out of pocket.

"Actual quote from an iNfLuEnCeR who wanted me to address 250 wedding invites AND save the date cards. If it's 'just writing' surely you can do it yourself."

A quote written in calligraphy that reads, "I can't pay but I'll shout you out to my 500+ followers. It's just writing [expletive]."
reddit | MyOwnGuitarHero

If I ever found out that one of my friends or family members was trying to exploit businesses and artists for free stuff to show their small following, I'd disown them.

"Influencer asks for free meals in exchange for reviews and exposure, gets called out by restaurant."

An influencer who wanted a free meal for herself and a friend in exchange for a shout out to the restaurant.
reddit | westcoastcdn19

I feel like anyone who says they have a "usual arrangement" like this is probably lying. They just want to sound more important than they actually are.

"My friend got shorted by a pretty major influencer."

An influencer who thinks they're too important to have to pay 10 Euros for a drawing.
reddit | The_amazingluke

The fact that the influencer is acting like they're doing the artist a favor is making my blood boil. People like this don't deserve free stuff, no matter how many followers they have.

"Influencer whining about others ruining her perfect picture."

A person complaining about people being in the way of her pic of the sunset.
reddit | Pinnacle94030

Not an influencer asking for free things, but still.

The funniest thing about this picture is the fact that those people aren't even in the way of the sunset. It's just entitlement at its finest.

"This 'influencer' stomped all over the plants in this Conservatory for Instagram shots despite staff repeatedly asking her to stop."

An influencer standing in some plants when she's not supposed to.
reddit | Drhae

Influencers love to feel like they live by a separate set of rules. But anyone can tell you that no matter how many followers you have, disrespectful is still disrespectful.

"'Influencer' wants to post this restaurant on their page but asks for money off their bill to do so, owner denies their offer then has influencer bash their restaurant on their IG story."

A person throwing a public tantrum because they didn't get free food from a restaurant.
reddit | fuzzypickletrader

There's a phrase for this kind of behavior: temper tantrum.

"'I'm getting a $500 chair tomorrow.' - Instagram Influencer Conversation With A Keyboard Company."

An influencer with a few followers insisting that they should get free stuff.
reddit | psychjosey

Nah, the influencer is in the wrong. Companies have to think about the actual exposure they can get from collabs (if they actually want to collab with an influencer). You can't just get free stuff because you want it.

"Exposure is not a form of payment."

A person trying to convince a photographer to work for free for "exposure" for a wedding.
reddit | ChaoticPlease

I honestly feel like any influencer who approaches an artist, photographer, or small business for free stuff really just isn't making a lot of money as an influencer. Which is probably why they want free stuff.