I Had No Idea That A Ketchup Cap Actually Had A Use

Lex Gabrielle
Ketchup Bottle
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You learn something new every day about items that you use on an everyday basis. Sometimes, people go their entire lives using items and products without knowing the secret uses that can help in the long run.

For example, many products have caps, clips, and other things that can help to use the product that much easier.

Ketchup is a condiment that we use pretty regularly.

ketchup in a cup
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Whether it's on the side with our eggs and potatoes in the morning or used on a sandwich, or even with dinner when we BBQ some burgers and hot dogs, ketchup is a staple in the kitchen.

Regularly, people look at ketchup caps and bottles as pretty straightforward.

ketchup bottle
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The cap is usually removed to take the film off of the ketchup in order for us to use it and squeeze it out. Then we replace the cap and use it regularly.

Little did we know, that the cap on ketchup bottles has more than just one use for covering the ketchup bottle.

ketchup bottle on a table
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One TikTok user shared online that she realized the top of a ketchup bottle was more than just a top. In fact, she learned that you can use it to open the ketchup itself.

TikToker Laura, who shares videos on her Mom Comedy channel, shared that she learned the ketchup cap can open the actual ketchup.

TikTok mom filming video
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The small piece on the ketchup cap apparently is supposed to poke a hole in the film that covers the ketchup to keep it fresh.

Many people often struggle to get that film off.

TikTok video about ketchup bottle
TikTok | TikTok l momlifewithlaura

That film is on there pretty tight. Many times, we break a nail or even go to using our teeth to peel it off. Laura shared it's easier to poke a hole and just replace the cap and squirt it out from there.

She even showcased the ketchup comes out smoothly doing it this way.

Ketchup bottle hack tiktok
TikTok | TikTok l momlifewithlaura

She used the cap to poke the hole in the film, replaced the cap, and flipped it over to squirt out onto a napkin to showcase that it easily works.

Some people were grateful that she shared the new hack for ketchup bottles.

amazing gif
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Some TikTok users were happy she shared the hack, saying whenever they try to get the film off normally it's a struggle. Sometimes that film is on pretty tight.

Some even said this helps make the ketchup come out "better."

Ketchup tiktok hack
TikTok | TikTok l momlifewithlaura

"WHAT?!?! Every time someone pours ketchup, we get a flood. I wish I knew this earlier," shared one TikTok user. Sometimes, the ketchup can get pretty watery and gross.

Many people online, however, disagreed with Laura.

wrong gif
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Some TikTok users said Laura was absolutely wrong and the little top piece was not used to open the ketchup and poke a hole in the film, but to keep the ketchup fresh instead.

They shared that when the cap closes, the piece fills the hole.

ketchup bottle
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With the plastic caps on ketchup, there is a hole in which the ketchup comes out. Many shared that the little plastic piece is to close up that hole so it doesn't dry out.

And, others shared the plastic caps are "new."

Ketchup bottle
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Another TikTok user added that ketchup bottles have had metal tops before plastic ones. The plastic ones were put into use when manufacturers realized that they're safer and easier to use by children.