Doctor Manages To Pull Off Electric Car-Powered Vasectomy

Sarah Kester
Electric car
Unsplash | Ernest Ojeh

Think you've seen it all when it comes to electric cars? This next story is nuts — literally.

A doctor from Texas has gone viral after he came up with a unique solution to perform a vasectomy after the power at his clinic went out

Instead of a backup generator, he used his Rivian R1T truck — aka an electric car. 

There isn’t much an electric car can’t do. 

Electric car
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Tesla, for example, gives its riders a self-driving feature. This means that they can sit back and relax while their car does all the work. Some users have gotten a little too comfortable with this feature, though. 

Like when a Tesla driver went viral for appearing to be asleep behind the wheel on a major highway in Ontario, Canada. 

The “driver” of the car was reclined in his seat, catching some Z’s. His hands weren’t even on the wheel, which gave other drivers a fright. 

It really makes you wonder how safe the future of electric cars is looking.

Car flying
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So far, there are no laws that say that using a Tesla in self-driving mode is illegal. Sleeping behind the wheel, however, is a different story. 

In another viral video, a dog appeared to drive a Tesla down the highway. 

We’ve heard of the Tesla dog feature, which allows dogs to be left by themselves in the car with the air conditioning on. But this is something else entirely. 

So, let's see where we stand now on electric cars! 

Guy charging electric car
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Allowing drivers to relax while their car drives for them? Sleeping behind the whee while the car drives? Check. Dogs driving cars? Check! What’s next? Electric cars powering a vasectomy, of course.

Dr. Christopher Yang, a urologist from Austin, Texas, found himself in quite the pickle (excuse the pun) when the power went out at his health clinic on August 25. 

Chris Yang
Ny Post | LinkedIn

He was going to reschedule his patient’s procedure when his colleague suggested that he power the procedure with his electric car. 

The patient also didn’t want to reschedule since he had taken time off for the procedure.

Michael talking about vasectomies
Giphy | The Office

Besides, vasectomies are quick, only about 15-20 minutes, so they wouldn’t require that much power. Yang had a backup plan if needed: a handheld cautery device.

By the grace of what must've been Elan Musk himself, the truck powered the procedure and even a small fan! 

Yang's truck plugged in
twitter | @chrisyangmd

“After we were done, I told his family. We all had a good laugh together too,” Yang said in an interview with WGLT.

“I’m not sure that this (vasectomy) should be planned use of the truck,” Yang added.

Extension cord plugged in
twitter | @chrisyangmd

“But it’s definitely great to have that as a backup just in case.” Yang shared the story of his miracle on Twitter, which quickly went viral. 

“I performed what is likely the world’s first @Rivian powered vasectomy today,” he said, and that the “procedure went great.”

People were amazed by his story. "Just when you think you’ve seen it all…" one wrote. "Well that's one way to get it done," added another.

Of course, many jokes were cracked.

"Guys will *literally* hotwire a vehicle to avoid responsibility," wrote this Twitter user. "Now you can write the car off as a work expense," joked another. "Obligatory," a third tweeted, with a picture of "nuts" on a truck.