Women Share What Red Flags Men Should Look Out For

Lex Gabrielle
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In many relationships, there are red flags that many people choose to ignore. When you meet someone and you are hitting it off, it's hard to turn away when you feel there is chemistry.

Sometimes, we don't see all the red flags there because we are blinded by the idea of new love. In the end, there are always some big red flags that everyone should look out for, including guys.

If she's always the victim.

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Saminka shared that if she is always telling stories and in them, she is the victim and never the villain, it's a red flag. She cannot always be the one who is "never in the wrong."

She never takes any of the blame.

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Jay4025 pointed out that deflecting blame and things can be a huge issue. She cannot always be right, there are times when she needs to own up to her mistakes and take the blame. If she can't, it's a huge problem.

If she laughs at your insecurities.

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cerebralpancakes shared there is nothing more concerning than someone who will point out insecurities and flaws in front of others and use them as the butt of a joke. If she laughs at you in public, it's wrong.

If she distances you from friends and family.

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"Slowly removing friends and family while making it seem as if it’s in your best interests. Also not wanting to admit faults or have excuses for their behaviors. Major red flag that you might be dealing with narcissism," said ArtemisFoxx.

She romanticizes being crazy.

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Some people shared that many women today like to coin the term "crazy girlfriend" as if it's cute and adorable. In fact, enjoying the fact that you are toxic and crazy is a huge red flag for many people.

She tries to change you.

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"Trying to change you and mocking your hobbies/friends. Unless you have no personal hygiene and your friends are criminals they should be accepting of you, not who they want you to be," shared mycatiscalledFrodo.

If she has a drinking problem.

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E3newsfiend pointed out that as everyone gets older, drinking often can become unhealthy. Once we hit our 30s, the whole binge drinking is not sustainable for everyday life. College is long gone and no one wants to be constantly hungover.

She creates problems for fun.

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"But if she's stirring up the pot by letting other guys flirt with her just so you can play jealous boyfriend so you can "rescue her" from a situation she started as if it's some movie or something, stay away from her," said geligniteandlilies.

She posts everything on social media.

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burritostrikesback shared that if a girl has to post everything to her social media page, it's a major issue. Not everyone wants their business out there and aired out in the world. Social media is fake anyway.

If she guilts you when you do things without her.

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scarletantonia27 said that it's a huge red flag when a girl will give you a huge guilt trip and argue with you whenever you want to go out with friends or do things without her. She said it's healthy for everyone to have space and time apart.

She puts down other women.

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"Women who put down other women, if she is always insulting/ being nasty about other women to you, that's a red flag. It shows a lack of self-esteem and jealousy issues," shared one Reddit user.

She cancels on you constantly.

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"This is early into dating but if she makes excuses constantly that she's busy or has to cancel last minute when making plans, but then will proceed to hit you up if she needs something," said ThatOneDudeWithAName.

If she uses her gender as a way to get things.

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londonnnxo shared that if a woman is always using her gender as a way to get things or get out of things, it's a red flag. She is sneaky and manipulative and wants to get her way by any means necessary.

She is far too jealous.

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"Too much jealousy, if she's trying to monitor who you are seeing, who you are texting, where you are going. It doesn't matter how much you try to prove yourself to her, it will never be enough," said Kinkystormtrooper.

If she hits you, even once.

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"I don't care if you're a big guy and she's much smaller than you. No one ... male, female, nonbinary, gender fluid. I don't care. No one should lay hands on you. If she hits you once, she'll do it again. Get out and never look back," said yourbabyisboring.