People Can't Decide If A GF Was Right For Telling Off BF For Dancing With A Bridesmaid

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In many relationships, people have boundaries and things that they will and will not accept. Some people are a bit more flexible with their partners, while others feel like they need to be more strict and cut and dry with their significant others.

Some women are very jealous and controlling, not wanting their partners to talk to people of the opposite sex, or even be around them alone.

Some people go into their relationships with trust issues.

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Individuals often have trust issues with their partners, because they have baggage coming with them from previous relationships. Things have happened in their past that cause them to lose trust in men entirely.

When they feel that their trust is totally destroyed, they can have a low boiling point.

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Not trusting people can be rather challenging, especially when you're romantically involved with someone. It's not easy to be in a healthy relationship if you do not have healthy views.

This can cause major fights and meltdowns.

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The less you trust someone, or maybe even have a history of distrust, the more you have the possibility of blowing up on your significant other and losing your cool entirely, even over small issues.

Recently, one TikTok user shared some overheard words at a wedding he attended.

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According to his video, one girlfriend had caught her boyfriend dancing at the wedding with a bridesmaid and did not like it at all. In the video, he records her screaming at her boyfriend.

The screams are not light, either.

wedding drama tiktok video
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The girlfriend is heard shouting at the top of her lungs, "Do you understand me" multiple times over and over again. Truly it's not screaming, it's more scolding and berating. And, it's loud.

While the yelling is a lot, people were divided about whether or not the girl or the guy was right.

Many said that this girl was flying off the handle too hard. Also, there had to be a ton of history there if she was getting "that mad and angry" over just dancing in front of other people, where everyone can see—nothing "sneaky."

Some said the guy "knew what he was doing."

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There were several comments from women saying that if he knew she would be upset, he should not have been dancing with anyone other than his girlfriend at the wedding. So a lot of people blamed him for doing it in the first place.

Others said they have seen or experienced it in their own lives.

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Some people shared that they have seen it before with others who were jealous.

"I was a bridesmaid at my sister's wedding & the groomsman paired with me was threatened with divorce if he danced with me during the bridal party dance," one person shared.

Some men shared that this is incredibly toxic.

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Many guys in the TikTok comments say that this is a big red flag. They pointed out that if something like this is happening to you then you should really consider leaving the relationship.

However, the comments lead to a bigger discussion of gender.

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"If a woman screams at a man like this, we don’t know the true story. If a man screams at a women like this it’s inexcusably toxic," one person said. Others agreed that many allow women to act this way, but never men.

Many agreed with that idea.

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Others chimed in saying that it's not okay, man or woman, to speak to someone like that. Others said they can "hear" the woman hitting the guy, and that is something that is a hard no.

Interesting, right?