A woman with bronzed copper hair smiles at the camera.
TikTok | @annabellehooperrr

'Bronzed Wood' Hair Is The New Hot Color Trend For Fall

If you want to be on trend this fall, forget gold or silver — it's all about the bronze, baby!

There have been a LOT of crazy hair trends over the years. Whether you're a blonde bombshell forever, a true blue brunette, or someone interested in letting all your grey hair grow out naturally, it's always good to keep an eye on what's trendy so you can see if there's any reason for you to switch it up. This year it's bronzed wood copper.

One TikTok user decided to gather up the trends they've noticed for fall this year.

A woman with a red copper-y hair tone.
TikTok | @lola_chx

"These are the trending hair colors of autumn 2022, so if you fancy a change, or you're just curious keep on watching. First up we have this bronzed wood copper, which is stunning. Like I'm honestly contemplating doing my hair like this. I'll show you another example," she says in her video over an example of someone rocking the color.

"Example number two," she shared over another photo.

A woman with bronzed copper hair.
TikTok | @lola_chx

"I also think it's like perfect for autumn," she says before continuing on to list other hair colors coming into trend. The color is a copper-y red brown that just screams fall — it's like wearing autumn leaves on your head.

The color is blowing up on social media with lots of people running out to try it on themselves.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the bronzed wood color? I think it's gorgeous and it suits you whether you got your summer tan or not. Let us know what you think in the comments!