20 Pics That Made Us Go, 'What Is Even Going On Here?'

Two glasses lenses of very different prescriptions
reddit | GodMesh

Photographs are supposed to provide a clear look at what's in the viewfinder of the photographer, and for the most part, that's exactly what they do.

But even a high-quality photograph with great lighting can be confusing if you're not entirely sure what it is you're looking at. These photos aren't inscrutable — they're all pretty easy to figure out. But for the first few seconds after looking at them, confusion reigns.

"A sculpture and the moon."

Sculpture appears to be holding the moon
reddit | ImFranny

I'll never grow tired of pics that make it look like the moon is a beach ball, or the moon is melting, or in this case, the moon being some kind of snack that the statue is casually tossing into its mouth.

"My dog is growing an extra toe in between her toes. She’s 5 and it started showing 3 weeks ago."

Dog growing an extra toe
reddit | tankuri

Polydactyly refers to humans or animals having extra digits. It's especially weird that this dog's extra toe wasn't apparent until a few weeks into its life.

"Car key fell off night stand and onto a half plugged in iPhone charging brick."

Results of a car key shorting out a power brick
reddit | gentlesir123

The bad news? This charging brick, along with the breaker it was connected to, and possibly the car key, are all busted. The good news is that it was an excellent example of electricity in action.

"My friend painting her face."

Woman dragging paintbrush across her face
reddit | NotChoeDaddy

I think this is an example of a photographer just kind of winging it with what they're asking their subject to do. I mean, I can't think of any other valid reason for this photo existing.

"This person riding a cow through the McDonald's drive thru."

Person riding a cow though the McDonald's drive thru
reddit | Ohnobros111

Believe it or not, this isn't even the first time that a person riding a cow through a McDonald's drive-thru has gone viral. As for why they're riding a cow through the drive-thru, I have no answers.

"This big toilet at the hospital, normal size urinal for scale."

Large toilet seat in a hospital restroom
reddit | kkendd

I've never seen a toilet like this, but given its purpose — it's a bariatric toilet designed to be comfortable for larger people — it makes sense that it would be found in a medical facility.

"Apparently you can't park this rental car in Milwaukee County."

Rental car keychain says 'Do not park in Milwaukee County'
reddit | Genitallica

At first, I thought this was due to some kind of weird bylaw surrounding rental cars and parking, but apparently, it's just because the rental car place doesn't want the car to get stolen. This car's a Kia, which is a very popular car to steal in Milwaukee County.

"This guy whose whole job appears to make coffee and tea for a metal band while they're on stage."

Man making coffee and tea for band on stage
reddit | Cichlidsaremyjam

Everyone knows that musicians have some pretty specific asks when they go on tour, so it kind of makes sense that they'd have a guy set up on stage just to make them coffee.

"A pair of watch movement cuff links I made."

Cufflinks made of watch movement
reddit | Klipse11

As a certifiable watch nerd, I absolutely love these cufflinks. But as a reasonable person, I wouldn't want to wear them because I don't want people to identify me as a certifiable watch nerd.

"This vendor at the beach uses tank tracks at his stall."

Stall has tank treads to travel over sand
reddit | Phorzaken

It might seem weird to put tank treads on a vendor stall, but if you're wanting to move said stall over sand, it doesn't really make sense to try anything different.

"This mug that informs you it was NOT made in China."

Mug says 'not made in China'
reddit | highway-dreamer

If this mug is to be believed, it wasn't made in China. The outline of the United States certainly implies that it was made there, but it doesn't explicitly state this.

"This 'pilot’s glory' seen out my window on a flight to Germany this morning."

Plane casting shadow on clouds, surrounded by rainbow
reddit | bufadad

It's kind of cool to see your plane's shadow on the clouds or on the ground, but it's also a powerful reminder of how small your plane is, and how big the sky is.

"Urinals in stalls."

Urinals in washroom stalls
reddit | Guwoq

Anyone who uses a washroom with urinals knows that the half-wall dividers are usually all the privacy you're going to get. Hall walls are nice and all, but a proper stall means you can pee in absolute privacy.

"A few days a year, the sun shines through our door at the perfect angle to project this pattern on the wall."

Sunlight projecting pattern on a wall
reddit | katiethemushroom

Because of the way the universe works, the sun's angles only work out this way for a brief window. But it's still unbelievably cool to see.

"This yield sign in Nova Scotia."

Yield sign depicts horses, hikers, ATVs and cyclists
reddit | CanadianDave

Road signs are intended to be informative and easy to understand. I suppose this sign is both of those things, but it does require a bit of squinting before you understand exactly what it's trying to say.

"My black cat looks like my white cat’s shadow."

Black cat looks like white cat's shadow
reddit | peachesnscreamz

It's kind of weird that we see cats mirror each other's movements so much that we get pictures like this, while dogs almost never do the same. Maybe dogs are just free thinkers.

"Very weird webbing in my cat's eye (vet has checked it, nothing harmful)."

Cat with webbing pattern in eye
reddit | NoPay8943

This is almost upsetting to look at, like the cat's eye is a piece of glass that got shattered or something. But the cat's okay with it, so I'm going to be okay with it.

"In aerial photograph of my grandparents' old house from the '70s, there’s a 'ghost' truck in the grass."

Retouched photo shows a 'ghost' truck
reddit | lunarbridge

You can tell that this pic was touched up a bit, at least as much as was possible in the days before Photoshop. The longer you look at it, the weirder it gets.

"McDonald's burger preserved in resin since the late '70s."

McDonald's burger preserved in resin since the late '70s
reddit | cuppateawithajoint

I like a Big Mac as much as the next guy, and would love to travel back in time to see if they were the same back in the day. This, though? This isn't time traveling. It's just plain gross.

"Right eye is -2.50 left eye is -17.00."

Two glasses lenses of very different prescriptions
reddit | GodMesh

If you've got thick lenses, you've got poor eyesight. If you've got thin lenses, you've got relatively good eyesight. If you wear both of these lenses at the same time, then you've got very strange eyesight.